Take Screenshot In Windows Without Installing Any Software

If you are a blogger running tutorial blog, Then you need some pictures to illustrate the tutorial very well. So for that you want some screen capturing software to do so.So you can to download some third party software and again install it on your Computer.

If you are using a windows OS you are not required to download any third party software, As windows comes pre installed with a default software to take screenshots, You can use it to capture any screen on your PC Anytime.

Suppose your friend don;t know something to do in computer then you can take screenshot and send him.

Snipping Tool is the name of the software that comes pre installed with windows. Snipping Tool is not a complex software with many advent features, But it is a light weight software only used for doing screen capture and essential basic tasks.

We can only use snipping tool for capturing screenshot, To draw shapes in freehand, And to to highlight specific contents.
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How To Use It ?

Go to search bar of your windows and just simply type “Snippng Tool”.

Now select a icon some thing like this :  

Now your snipping tool has come then click on new button for taking a new screenshot

After you have taken a screenshot then it’s to time edit it

Tools Inside Snipping Tool

1 >Mail Tool helps to mail the newly created image to someone

2 >Pen Tool helps to draw freehand shapes in the image.

3>Highlighter Tool helps you to highlight a specifc part on the image

4>Eraser Tool helps you to rub any thing from the image  

See how simple it is to capture images within the desktop without using any third party software

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