Can Low Testosterone Cause Depression?

Men with marginal low testosterone levels who are referred to an endocrinologist regularly hint signs at clinical depression or depressive indications, researchers detailed here.


Of 200 men in an investigation, 56% had huge depression manifestations, had a known finding of depression and additionally were utilizing antidepressants when they were seen by Michael Irwig, MD, associate educator of medication and executive of the Center for Andrology at George Washington University, Washington.


“Over a large portion of the men referred for marginal testosterone levels have depression,” Irwig said at the yearly gathering of The Endocrine Society. He disclosed to MedPage Today that in addition to depressive symptoms the patients sent to him additionally were commonly obese and, as anyone might expect, performed little exercise.

What can cause low testosterone and depression?

Of the men in his examination, 51% conceded that beside strolling they played out no physical exercise sessions a week, 27% of the patients said they exercised one to three times each week, and 22% said they exercise at least four times each week.


Irwig said 39% of the patients in his examination were overweight and another 43% could be portrayed as obese. Only 16% of the patients were typical weight, 2% were underweight, he said at a press conference.


About 89% of the patients detailed erectile dysfunction, 69% of the men said they had low libido, 58% of the gathering revealed they had less morning erections, 52% grumbled of low vitality, 42% announced rest aggravations, and 27% said they had diminished fixation.


“A great deal of these patients have all these co-morbidities and perhaps depression or undiscovered depression,” Irwig said. “For the patients who had undiscovered depressive side effects, I frequently suggest that they look for a formal assessment from an emotional well-being professional. For the individuals who have been analyzed and are overweight or stout, I do support weight reduction and an activity program utilizing a pedometer. Loss of weight is related with the body’s capacity to create its very own testosterone.”

How do you fix low testosterone?

He said that he oversees the Patient Health Questionnaire 9 (PHQ-9) to the patients referred to him with marginal testosterone levels, characterized as all out testosterone of between 200 ng/dL to 350 ng/dL. In the event that the patients score above 10 on the PHQ-9, Irwig says he refers them to emotional wellness care experts.


Irwig said that clinicians treating these men with low testosterone levels who are overweight or obese and don’t exercise should urge to change their lifestyle to alleviate obesity and a stationary way of life.


He said that he is seeing more patients with low testosterone levels likely impelled by TV ads, he stated, there is little guidance in the medical literature about how to treat this condition.


Irwig forewarned that his example of patients probably won’t be generalizable to men overall. “The men referred to me in this examination presumably had a testosterone requested because of a side effect, for example, exhaustion, low drive, and so on.,” he clarified. He said that men who have marginal testosterone levels yet don’t report for medicinal consideration might not have the same issues from his group.


In remarking on the examination, Cynthia Stuenkel, MD, clinical teacher of medicine at the University of California, San Diego, who directed the press conference, disclosed to MedPage Today, “When a patient presents with a few side effects and is found to have a low testosterone level, as The Endocrine Society’s rules suggest, we inquire as to why this is. We realize that there are some unmistakable endocrine reasons that include the hypothalamus, the pituitary, and the testicles that can be linked with diseases that can cause low testosterone.

How to increase testosterone for depression?

“I generally feel that the initial phase in treating these patients is to clarify what the diagnosis is because we may have the capacity to fix it, we could cure it. On the off chance that there is not a clear diagnosis, the subsequent stage we have to do is to repeat that testosterone test – normally a few times,” she said.


In the event that there is no clarification by then, she stated, it is sensible to look at what is happening in the man’s life, thinking about his age and different variables, and afterward decide whether “there is a rolse for a preliminary of testosterone treatment, again being careful that there could be misleading impacts.”


Stuenkel said that because Irwig is an expert in the field he may get harder patients that would not be seen by primary care doctors. In any case, she said the high percentage of mental illness found in his example “appears to be conceivable to me. He may be on to something. In the event that we can get this depression settled, possibly these patients will feel more likely to exercise and lose weight.”


She said there are very few examinations in the medicinal literature that explore low testosterone levels and depression. “I think we require more investigations to investigate this.”


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