The OnePlus Z Rumoured To Be Launched In July

oneplus z rumoured release date

We have been seeing lots and lots of rumors regarding the mid-range OnePlus Z and here comes yet another report suggesting that the device might be launched somewhere in July this year.

Back in 2015, the company introduced OnePlus X which was a mid-range offering from the company.

A renowned journalist and tipster Max J tweeted a tweet with a poster of OnePlus Z along with tags ‘July’ and ‘2020’.

From the image above, we can see a punch-hole cutout to the top center of the screen. It does not get a punch-hole cutout to the sides as we saw in the OnePlus 8 Series.

We don’t have any information regarding the specifications of the device yet. There have been lots of rumors regarding the device and earlier rumors also showed the existence of a center punch-hole cutout.

Some reports also suggest that the device might feature a triple camera setup to the rear. But no information about the lens and cameras are available.

OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro were launched a week back and the starting price of the base model is from $699. This OnePlus Z will be targetted to people who want the Oxygen OS and the great OnePlus hardware but at a much lower price.

As per the reports, OnePlus will surely price the device below $500. A couple of weeks back Apple also released the iPhone SE 2 with a much more affordable price tag. iPhone SE 2 is targetted to people who need the great Apple software and hardware experience but at a lower price point. The same is what OnePlus is planning with OnePlus Z.

Following the aforementioned strategy, Google also launched an affordable lineup of Pixel smartphone series like Google Pixel 3a.

We will get to know more about OnePlus Z in the coming days. As of now, we do not have any details regarding the specifications. We might get some shortly.

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