These Are the New Features Coming to WhatsApp Soon

WhatsApp is always working on introducing new features on the app and this time we have a bunch of them coming soon. As per WABetaInfo, Search by date, Sharechat Integration, Clear Except Starred option, Web Image search, and more are few features coming to WhatsApp.

Upcoming WhatsApp Features

These features are under development and we should get to see them soon.

Sharechat Integration

Sharechat integration
Source: WABetaInfo

WhatsApp is already having native video playback support for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. With the new update, WhatsApp will get Sharechat integration. Following this, users will be able to play Sharechat videos within the WhatsApp app in PIP mode.

Web Image Search on iOS

web image search
Source: WABetaInfo

This feature will let you quickly search for an image on Google. This is basically a reverse image search to find the authenticity of the image. With the reverse search, you could easily find if this image it old or places where it had already appeared. Nifty little feature to verify the authenticity of any image-based messages.

Search by Date

Source: WABetaInfo

As of now, WhatsApp has the feature to search for messages by typing words. But there is no option to search and filter messages by date. Telegram is having this feature already and it is something that is lacking in WhatsApp.

After the new update, a new calendar icon will be present in the search section so that you can select and filter messages from a particular date only.

Redesigned ‘Storage in Use’ Section

ge in use whatsapp
Source: WABetaInfo

Now WhatsApp will only show every detail regarding the storage use in general. But with the new update, there will be two sections – Large Files and Forwarded files. With this option, you could easily delete all unwanted forwarded messages that are eating your storage space on phone.

New Chat Bubble Color

WhatsApp got support for dark mode a few months ago and it is working great. But if you notice, you will understand that the chat bubble color remains the same even in dark mode. With the new update, WhatsApp is planning to update the color of the chat bubble wit a little bit lighter green shade.

Clear All Messages Except Starred Messages

clear chats
Source: WABetaInfo

This upcoming feature will let you delete all messages in a particular chat without clearing starred messages. This means you will be still able to retain starred messages while deleting every other message.

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