This is the Sony PlayStation 5 Design

playstation 5 new design unveiled

Earlier today, at the end of the PlayStation 5 Event, Sony unveiled the design of the upcoming PlayStation 5. The design looks so futuristic and everyone literally loved it.

Some thought Sony will be unveiling something about the console while some others thought nothing will be announced. But to everyone’s surprise, the last 5 minutes of the event was breathtaking. The company simply showed off its design with a small hardware video. Nothing much about the console is available yet.

PlayStation 5 will have a vertical skyscraper-like design which is something similar to that of the Xbox Series X.

You can watch the full PS5 Hardware Reveal Trailer get an in-depth idea about the new console.

It is speculated that there will be a digital PS5 Edition that comes without a 4K Blu-Ray Disc drive. If a console is about to come in this way then the storage will be a little higher since the game should be loaded onto it. Otherwise, the console itself will be a little cheaper compared with the standard version.

The PS5 gameplay experience will be the same, so the choice is all yours. While there are some slight differences in the look of each model, for the overall design, we wanted to deliver a console that’s bold, stunning, and unlike any previous generation of PlayStation,” said Sony during the event.

Although Sony did announce the design, nothing about the specifications or features are revealed. If everything goes by the plan then Sony is planning to unveil Sony PlayStation 5 later in 2020 globally.

playstation 5 accessories

What do you think about the new design of PlayStation 5? I really liked the way everything is placed and arranged. And the white color also gives it a cool look. Every other accessory that comes with the PS5 also shares similar design language and looks really sleek.

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