This Text Will Crash Your iOS Device; Fix is Already Out

ios crashed  by a text string
Source: Beebom

A text-related bug has been discovered on iOS which will crash the device as soon as a message or notification containing the string is received. The string contains an Italian flag and some Sindhi characters. But it was later found that the problem is caused by the Sindhi character alone. Back in 2018, a Telugu character bricked iPhones. A similar kind of bug is now spotted on iOS.

The video below from the Twitter handle of EverythingApplePro shows the bug in action. The phone would completely become unresponsive to touches and will crash all the apps. The quick workaround to fix the issue is to hard restart your iPhone. It doesn’t matter where the text appears. Whether it be a message, SMS, or somewhere in the notification, it will affect all the iOS out there.

If you got this text on your iPhone and crashed it then as a temporary solution, it is better to disable notification from that app and better not open it at all until Apple releases a new security patch for the same.

The string of text causing the bug is believed to be originated from a Telegram group. Social media are full of this. Everything ApplePro shared this string on his twitter handle and it crashed iPhone’s of hundreds of people who read the tweet. Initially, the string was spread with both the Italian flag emoji and some Sindhi characters. But later it was found that the emoji can be swapped and Sindhi characters are alone causing the problem.

Apple will soon roll out a new update that will solve the issue. It is said that the issue is already fixed in the latest iOS 13.4.5 beta. But it is not available to the general public yet. Apple is aware of this and you should see a new update coming shortly. Meanwhile, make sure you do not share this text in iMessage, WhatsApp or social media to crash anyone’s device.

Source: Beebom

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