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This Video Shows How “Split Screen” Feature Would Look Like in an iPhone

split screen concept on iphone

A short concept video designed by a designer shows how the “Split Screen” feature would look like in the iPhones. Android is having the split-screen feature for years now and Apple is still not having the feature enabled in any of their devices.

Apple is always late to the party when it comes to introducing new features and innovations. On the flip side, Android keeps on introducing new features now and then with every iteration of it. Apple focuses on making the existing iOS user experience more refined than introducing new features. One such feature that is still not available on the iPhone is the “Split Screen” feature.

Aleksey Bondarev, a concept designer, shared a short 16 seconds video on Dribble showing how the Split Screen feature will work on the iPhone. In the video, the user first opens in a web browser and starts playing a video. He then switches the video to full screen. Now, swiping to the left from the right side of the screen will bring up a new dock with some apps like Apple Maps, Apps Store, Safari, Phone app, Apple Music, and Calendar. He then drags the safari app from the dock and drops it on the screen.

As soon as the app is dragged to the screen, it will split the screen in 50:50. You could further make the tab of any app bigger or smaller by moving the horizontal line between the two app’s intersection.

This is how the Split Screen will look like in iOS or iPhone. This is just a concept video shared by a designer. It looks good and could be implemented on iPhones as the screens of the iPhones are huge and this is a feature that Apple should bring to iPhone.

You can watch the video from Aleksey Bondarev’s Dribble profile.

Aromal VG
Aromal is an enthusiastic Android user and loves exploring new things. Apart from all these tech sides of things, he is also active in trading as well. He dropped out of college just as to follow his passion.