TikTok Rival Firework Partners with Xiaomi to Capture Indian Market

firework partners with xiaomi

TikTok is the most popular short video creation platform with 1 billion installations on the Google Play Store alone and 1.5 billion on both Play Store and App Store combined. The popularity of TikTok is only increasing and last day Apple also created an official account for them to share short product-related videos and other creative content.

Circling back to Firework, it is yet another short video creation app launched back in 2019.

There were numerous reports that Google might acquire Firework, but that didn’t happen. Now, Firework joins hands with Xiaomi to capture the Indian market, and here’s how.

As you might already know, Xiaomi is 3rd largest smartphone seller in India and they have a huge userbase. To take advantage of this, hereafter, Firework will be integrated with Mi Video App that comes pre-installed on all Redmi, Poco, and Mi smartphones.

Indian MD of Fireworks, Sunil Nair, said “We are providing a highly curated video feed customized for the countries where MI Video has released the Firework integration. All new features that are released across the Firework app or the Firework network will be available to MI Video users.” 

This partnership will let Firework to reach a much wider Indian audience and might get a chance to better compete with TikTok.

The only two difference that I noticed in TikTok and Firework is the fact that TikTok can only record short videos up to 15 seconds while Firework allows users to capture short videos that are 30 seconds long in duration, which is almost double when compared with TikTok.

There has been some controversy regarding the TikTok app as it origins from China and when it comes to security, Fireworks will have edge over TikTok for sure.

As of now, Fireworks have about 1 million+ installation on the Google Play Store. Now, let’s see how the partnership goes.

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