Tools For Increasing Alexa Rank Of A Blog

There are millions of website in the world and Alexa rank is one factor that checks and determine our website’s popularity.Getting listed at Alexa rank list is one of the dream of very newbie blogger, But there are no special task you need to do in order to get ranked in alexa. Regularly Updated Content, Content quantity and Quality are other factors that scale your blog’s Alexa Rank. Even sometime your blog will not be listed in Alexa Rank and check How to Improve Your Blog’s Alexa Rank

Alexa rank completely depend on your Blog’s traffic and unique visitors you get.Higher the visitors you get : Higher the Alexa rank you get.

How To Improve Alexa Rank Of Blog

  • Alexa Toolbar :
Alexa toolbar is a Alexa’s own product used by many blogger and Internet marketers.This is the tool that determine a blog’s alexa rank.When one of your blog view passes through a person who has installed Alexa toolbar with them then you get more chance for increasing your  Alexa rank.
No one is going to check your website’s rank and waste their time, But installing this toolbar will make you get higher alexa rank without wasting visitor’s time.

Toolbar :

  • Alexa Widget
Alexa widget is a small widget box showing your blog’s alexa rank.This is one widget you must use in your blog for showing your current alexa rank and also for getting more Alexa rank.You can also show your blog’s popularity by showing off this awsome Alexa widget in your blog in no time.This will also make your visitor’s to show your blog’s alexa rank with just a scroll down.
In My Conclusion You need :
1.Good Traffic
2.Posts with Quality and Quantity
3.Alexa Toolbar
4.Alexa Widget
5.Alexa review

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