Top 10 Best URL Shorteners To Make Money – 2018

URL shortening is one of the best method to earn money online.No technical skills are needed to make money online through URL Shortening.This method of earning money online is best and idle for users who don’t know more about Affiliate marketing and don’t own a blog their own.

You can convert any valid Link to a short link using any of the networks listed below, Then the next step is to share the shortened link to the world through any mass method including Blog, Social media etc,

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How to with URL Shortening?

1. Register a new account from any of the below-given companies.

2.. Grab a link which you want to shorten

3. Go and shorten the specific link you have with you

4. Share the short link over the world with any method and bring visitors to that link

5. Get paid for every new user you bring to visit that link

In this article, I’m sharing the most popular 10 URL Shortening Networks to earn money in 2016


When talking about URL Shorteners, In no way we can avoid URL shortening network is trusted by millions of users around the globe and is one of the oldest URL Shortener on Internet.You can get up to $5 for every 1000 visitors you bring.Another interesting part about this Site is that minimum payout amount is just $5.

2. is one of the URL Shortening websites that I’m using for more than a year.They really do good and the payout rate they have is really interesting.Other than URL Shortening they have another method of earnings through Pop Up ads also.

Victly is another best URL Shortening company and has thousands of trusted users and visitors.They pay around $10 for every 1000- 1500 visitors you bring.Minimum payout is $10 through PayPal.


As like other URL Shortening  sites, also works really great.They do have a good user interface.The pays 1$ to 3$ per 1000 views.They have a wide variety of Payment method which includes PayPal.


Linkbucks is the number one competitor of and is an old company.Earnings for every 1000 visitors is really good.Other than publisher option they also have Advertiser registrations.$10 is the minimum payout amount and they also pay through PayPal.

6. pays around $3 – $10 for 1000 visitors.They have a different method of download options for visitors.They do have a good referral system by which you can earn up to 20 percent of their earnings.
The interesting part is that Minimum payout options are Paypal and Payza and the amount are just a dollar.


Link shrink is one URL Shortening company that pays around $2 – $5 for every 1000 visitors.By the referral system, they have you can earn upto10 percent of their earnings.They are a new innovative and good company to trust. pays around $1.5 to  $5 for every thousand visitors.As per their blog post they pay a minimum amount of $1.50 for every thousand visitors.


This is also one of the oldest trusted company in the range of URL Shortening.You can earn up to $5 for every thousand visitors.Along with publisher program, they also have advertiser option by which you can also advertise on their website.This is a UK based company and you can earn more from visitors from US/UK.


By using this network, you can earn up to $5 for every thousands of visits.If you get most visitors from US and UK based countries then the earnings you get will be good enough.Their minimum payout amount is about $5.

Where to share those links?

We have shortened URL and now what’s next?

The very next step after shortening the URL is to spread the link over the world through Internet.All you want to do is to share the unique link you have with your friends, family and blog visitors.Some of the highlighted methods are:

1. Facebook Page: Do write some post on your Facebook page and share the link over Facebook.

2.Twitter: Create a twitter account and do a tweet about something that is very interesting and adds the short link with that.

3. Blog: Create a blog and share your ideas there.Now write some good articles and share the link on your blog.

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I hope you all enjoyed this extra ordinary article pointing almost all best URL Shortening network.This is the best Networks to earn money online in 2K16.

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