Torrent Traffic On The Rise Amidst Coronavirus Lockdown

torrent traffic spike amidst coronavirus lockdown

Almost in every country, there exists some sort of lockdown or shelter-in-place rules and norms. Almost all people will be at home doing nothing and this is the number one reason why global Internet traffic has seen a sudden spike.

Last month we saw that social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram saw a sudden surge in the number of users due to the same reason.

A new report by a broadband management company, Sandvine, shows us how users are using Torrent in the lockdown period. As per the report, in some countries, the torrent traffic is way more than that of Netflix’s.

The major chunk of Internet traffic is taken up by video streaming, which is expected.  As per the chart released by Sandvine, to the top, we have Video streaming, second comes Social networking, and third, comes regular web traffic.

Let’s now narrow down to EMEA Total Traffic Share. As per this chart, the list is topped by YouTube at position 1 with about 16.23% (while it was only 6.70% in 2019). What interesting here is the position numbers 3 and 4.

torrent surpasses netflix internet traffic
Credit: Sandvine

To the third position, we have Bittorrent with 8.38% and 4th comes Netflix with slightly lower 7.69%

This is region-based data and it is not the same across different regions.

For example, in regions like Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, as per the report, the torrent traffic has surpassed Netflix’s share. But when it comes to other regions like America and the Asia-Pacific, the number of torrent users is found to lower than usual.

One of the reasons why this might have happened is because Netflix limited the streaming quality to reduce the server load. Similarly, YouTube also limited the streaming quality to 480p on mobile devices.  Furthermore, many upcoming Netflix shows were delayed as Shooting and production work was halted due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Source: Sandvine

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