TrueCaller Online Number Search Script to Search Any Number

All of you guys must be definitely aware of the ever famous app called TrueCaller. If not, it is an App that is available for both Android and iOS devices, it helps us to find details about any Mobile Number around the Globe. There might be a lot of situation where you actually wanted to find the details about a particular mobile number. In this case, you can use TrueCaller to get the work done. TrueCaller is an Internet based service which lets you search their entire database for a particular number. In this article, you will learn How to Search For Any Phone Number without even having the need to download and Install TrueCaller.

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Truecaller Number Search

One day, someone messaged you something and you really wanted to know who is that guy. You asked him, but he/she is tricking you. In this situation, we can use TrueCaller Script to know the details of the Phone Number. Let me share a story with you that I personally faced. One fine day, one friend of mine called and pranked me and challenged me to find him If I can. Within less than a minute I figured out who it was and called him and surprised him by telling his name. Isn’t that Cool?

Truecaller Online

Truecaller Number Search – Really excited to know how to use Truecaller without having an Account or the Official App, come, let’s find it out…

As mentioned earlier, in this article we are going to go through two different methods to find Details about a Phone number through TrueCaller Number Search website… One is by using the traditional TrueCaller Website(Requires an Account) and the second one is through the exclusive site mentioned below(No Need to have an Account or even an Account). The second step is more convenient and easy because you are just required to enter the number only, and you will get all details about that specific Phone Number.

Why you should use Truecaller Script instead of the App?

Truecaller is not a non-profit organization, they are providing their services for free but have you ever thought how they actually make money? Truecaller and their services are free to use for every registered users. During the registration process, you are required to give your details like Name, Email and Mobile number. Once you create an account with all these information, you data will be stored to their server and anyone can search for your number details. When you sign up for an account you give permission to make your info and our contact’s info visible to the pubic. So, whenever a person searched for your number, your results will get displayed there. Similarly, you can also remove your information from their database by filling in a form. Bu after you opt out from their program, you won’t be able to search for any number.

In short, if you don’t want Truecaller to save your details in their database but at the same time you want to search for details of other people. IN this situation you can make use of Truecaller script online that will help you to get the job done without having the need for a Truecaller Account. This was, your identity remains safe and public. It is a win-win situation for you.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

TrueCaller Script Method

In this method you are not required to have any TryeCaller account, in fact, you are not required to download their app either. This is the easiest solution to check any Mobile Number details. Follow the instructions mentioned below to use the TrueCaller Script Online.

  • Visit the TrueCaller Script Online website from the link below.


  • Select the Country code from the right side of Search Box
  •  Enter the Mobile Number without Country Code
  • Hit that search button
  • Here you go, all the information will be displayed right away,

Truecaller Number Search through Website

In this method, we are going to get details about a Phone Number with the help of the official TrueCaller website itself. and Do remember you are required to create an account with this method.

  • First of all, visit the TrueCaller Website from the link given below
  • Now, you will see a Small Search Box asking you to enter the number you want to the info of,
  • Select the Country
  • Just enter the Phone number without the country code.

Truecaller Number Search

  • Hit Search button.
  • Now, it will ask you to create an Account, just Click on Login with Facebook to create an Account even faster.
  • After you create the account…
  • The Mobile Number details will be displayed

That’s it guys, this is exactly how we use TrueCaller Website and TrueCaller script to know information about any Mobile or Phone Numbers. No matter which number it is, whether it is from the United States, UK, India or even France, you can easily find information about the number in less than a minute.

Final Words

So, guys, these were the two methods that you can adapt to search for any number on Truecaller without even actually having the need to create an account or download the official app of TrueCaller. There are a lot of TrueCaller Script on the Internet, but a lot of them are not actually working, so this guide will be really helping plus point here. Whenever you want to search for any Mobile/Phone just head over to the link mentioned above and find all details about it in less than 10 seconds. Install Xender for PC and send any files between computer/laptop and smartphone wirelessly using WiFi.

Hope you guys found this article useful. Be sure to share this article with your friends on Facebook, etc and let them know about this TrueCaller Number Search script and also comment down below if you have suggestion or doubt regarding the TrueCaller Script.

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