TrueCaller to Soon Detect Scammers and Fraudsters in Real Time

truecaller to find scammers in realtime

In the Sweden-India Business Council Online Webinar, TrueCaller’s CEO said Truecaller will soon detect phone scammers and fraudsters in real-time. The company will improve its algorithm based on user reports if a call is legit or scam. If you are TrueCaller user, then you might have got a pop up asking if it was a legit call while receiving calls with a higher number of spam reports.

In the webinar, CEO of Truecaller, Alan Mamedi said, “What we have seen is an increase in scam calls. People who are claiming to be someone else from the bank etc … In times like these people are worried about their financial situation. You say what happened with Yes Bank in India. And then you have these bad actors who try to use the situation,”

Financial scam calls are on the high these days and even fraudsters are making use of the Coronavirus time to scam people. TrueCaller’s main aim is to reduce the number of financial scamming happening during these days. Voice phishing and impersonation are few techniques employed by fraudsters to make false phone calls to people.

The call will be analyzed in real-time as soon as you start to speak. Now, one of the major questions that come to everyone’s mind is about privacy. For this, the company has told us that they will be only using Indian servers for handling the data. So as per them, Privacy won’t be at risk at all.

Furthermore, the CEO added, “We did this even before Data Protection Bill became a raging debate. Indians trust our brand. Being close to them adds to it. When data and servers stay close to customers the experience also comes faster.”

It is good to have features like this enabled as it helps to better fight against fake and scam calls. A good number of users in India and other countries fall prey to this.

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