Twitter to Soon Introduce The Updated Blue Tick Verification Process

Twitter will soon introduce the updated new blue tick verification process for the users to get their accounts verified.

It was back in 2017 that Twitter stopped accepting accounts for the blue tick verification process. Ever since then the company was working on a new system to find eligible people and give them the blue tick verification badge.

New screenshots surfacing online suggest that Twitter might be soon introducing the new verification process for the public. A Twitter user named Jane Manchun Wong, has shared a series of screenshots showcasing the new feature in action.

twitter new blue tick verification

From the screenshots, we can see a bunch of questions that are being asked by Twitter to see if the user is eligible or not. It is basically a form that you need to fill up in order to get your account verified. The form asks what do you do, your identity card, news coverage links, are you a person from the specified category, etc.

Jane Manchun Wong is a reverse engineering expert and she took it to Twitter to announce the same. No more details regarding the same are available at the moment. She mentioned that Twitter is almost done with the new feature and it should go live pretty soon.

The screenshots look like it is from a mobile device, meaning which you might be able to apply for blue tick verification badge from the Twitter mobile app for Android and iOS itself.

Once the feature is live, eligible users can use the form, fill necessary forms, and upload documents to get their account verified. Not all users could use the form to get their accounts verified. Only people from the selected category may apply for verification.

There is a strict set of guidelines, only the accounts following those Twitter guidelines will be verified. In the past, Twitter has unverified a lot of accounts. This new system will be more efficient and help needy people to get their accounts verified. It includes news channels, organizations, influencers, and public figures.

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