Unicode 14.0 Emojis will be delayed for 6 months

unicode consortium version 14.0 delayed by 6 months

The current lockdown situation due to the Coronavirus outbreak has caused a lot of problems and delays and surprisingly Emojis are one among them. In a blogpost, the Unicode Consortium has officially announced that the release of Unicode Standard version 14.0 will be delayed by 6 months.

Pretty much every other company around the world is operating with limited number of manpower. And in the IT sector, 80% are doing their works from home. Unicode consortium relies on volunteers to complete the newer version but as the world itself facing such an issue, the team won’t be able to complete the version in the given time frame.

Mark Davis, President of Unicode Consortium said, “Under the current circumstances we’ve heard that our contributors have a lot on their plates at the moment and decided it was in the best interests of our volunteers and the organizations that depend on the standard to push out our release date,” and he added, “This year we simply can’t commit to the same schedule we’ve adhered to in the past.”

In the recent blog post, they clearly said that the release date of Unicode Standard 14.0 will be delayed by 6 months and is scheduled for September of 2021.

This announcement does not affect the emojis included in the Unicode standard v13.0 which was announced back on March 10, 2020. All the emojis that are released in Unicode Standard 13.0 will be available in Android 11, as of now the beta version is also live and you may try it on your device as well.

So, it’s simply that we need to wait for another 6 months to see the newly updated set of characters in the new Emoji in Unicode Consortium 14.0. It’s also a surprise that they haven’t mentioned anything about Coronavirus outbreak directly, instead their volunteers have a lot do in their plates already.

Source: Unicode Consortium Blog


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