Upcoming iPhones Might Come with In-Display Fingerprint Scanner

As you already know, with the arrival of the iPhone X, Apple entirely ditched Touch ID and replaced it with Face ID tech. Ever since then, all the iPhones including the iPhone X series, 11 series, and 12 series came with Face ID only. As there is no physical home button on the smartphone anymore, Apple was forced to ditch Touch ID completely.

iphone to get in display fingerprint scanner

Future iPhones to come with both Face ID and Touch ID

New reports surfacing online suggest that Apple might be working on bringing back Touch ID in the form of an under-display fingerprint scanner like in any other Android smartphones these days. If this is the case then future iPhone models will come with both Face ID as well as Touch ID.

During the global pandemic situation, all people are advised to use Masks while going outdoors. While you are using a mask, you could not unlock your iPhone. So people are forced to either remove the mask and then unlock the phone or use the Passcode to unlock the phone. If a fingerprint scanner was available on the phone then things would have been easier.

The iPad Air that came last year came with a side-mounted physical fingerprint reader. Following that, there were lots of speculations and rumors suggesting Apple might go with this type of fingerprint scanner on upcoming iPhones. But turns out, that won’t be the case.

This is still in the early developmental stages and no official confirmation from Apple has come yet. It’s for sure that Apple will only include this feature on their upcoming iPhone if they can match with the current standard and unlocking speed.

Anyways let’s see what Apple has to offer in their upcoming lineup of iPhones. Furthermore, iPhones with in-display fingerprint scanner might be a little away from the near future.

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