How to Use Google Chrome Extension on Android Browser – Working

If you are a person like me who uses tons of Extension to make your workflow easier and increase productivity, you got a piece of good news. Google Chrome Desktop comes with built-in support for a wide variety of different Chrome Extensions from the Chrome Web Store and also third-party CRX Files. But, the native Google Chrome Android version is not having support for Extensions from the web store nor can you install the CRX file additionally.

In my desktop Google Chrome, I use a wide range of different Chrome Extensions including Grammarly, Publisher Toolbar, Alexa, EditThisCookie, SocialBlade, EyeCare and a lot more and I can’t even think about browsing the web without these essential extensions. Grammarly extension is very useful for anyone who works with any text editing and Email works. But, sadly to use Grammarly on our mobile browser we will have to log in to Grammarly account and then create a document there and after that, we will have to copy the whole text from the Grammarly’s text editor and later on paste it on the other website.

use chrome extension on android

We will be using a chromium-based web browser to get the job done. The browser is called “Kiwi Browser” and is available for free in Google Play Store. Apart from Kiwi browser, you also have other few other Chromium-based browsers that can get the job done. I will be sharing two different methods for both web browsers. Choose the on that fits your needs and let’s get started.


Install Google Chrome Extensions on Android

You can watch the video given below and it will guide you through the whole installation process from start to end.

You can read the written guide below

Step 1: First of all, Go to the link given below and it will open Google Play Store

Step 2: Install Kiwi Browser, once installed, open it up

Step 3: Click on the address bar and then type the below-given URL there. It will take you to the Extension’s page of Kiwi Browser.

Step 4: Here, you will find all the list of currently active and non-active extensions that is already installed in your device.

chrome android extension's panel

To add a new extension,

Step 5: Click on the Three lines hamburger menu and then tap on “Open Kiwi Web Store” from the bottom of the screen. It will open Google Chrome Web Store and you can find all the extension that is available for desktop.

access chrome web store android

Step 6: Click on the search bar and type in the name of extension and search

Step 7: Once you found the extension, click on the “Add to Chrome” button to install Extension to Chrome Android. Now, you will notice that a .crx file of extension is being downloaded there. Once the downloading is completed., it will be automatically installed to Chrome.

add to chrome android

add chrome extensions android

Step 8: To see if the extension is added successfully or not you can again head over to the Extension’s page see if the extension is present there or not,

Step 9: If it is some sort of extension that must be used by manually opening it then you can click on the three dots icon and you will see all the installed extensions there.

access installed extension chrome android

So, we have successfully installed a Desktop Chrome Extension on our Android Google Chrome Browser.

Apart from the ability to install Chrome Extensions on Android, Kiwi browser comes with a number of other additional features, too.

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You can enable a full Dark Theme Mode and it will make everything Dark, I mean everything. Normally if you enable dark mode on any other browser, it only applies within the browser controls. But, that’s not the case with Kiwi Browser. Once you enable Dark mode, it will universally be applied and will reflect everywhere including the websites you visit. Even the background of the website you visit is White, Kiwi browser will automatically turn it to Dark and turn the dark text to white to make your eyes comfortable. Apart from that, you can also install custom themes from the browser. for that,

  • Click on the Three Dots icon
  • Tap on Settings
  • Click on Themes option from Appearance tab
  • Select any theme of your choice from the list that appears.
  • Now, restart Kiwi Browser to see the changes.

Similarly, you can also enable a fully functional powerful Ad Blocker which comes built-in with Kiwi BRowser. To enable Ad Blocker, click on the three dots icons and then tick on “Ad Blocker” option. It will now automatically eliminate all Ads from every website including Pop up ads and annoying autoplay video ads as well.

Second Method to use Chrome Extensions on Android

In this method, we are going to use another Chromium based Web Browser for Android to get the job done. It’s fairly easy and safe as Kiwi Browser. Follow the guide to install Google Chrome Web Browser on Android.

The browser that we are going to install is called Yandex Browser, which is a Chromium based Browser, too.

  • Headover to the link given below and it will take you to Google Play Store. Now, install Yandex Browser for Android to your device.
  • Once you successfully install the Yandex Browser on Android, simply just launch it.
  • Click on the Address bar and type in the address: and go
  • Once you are there on the Google Chrome Web Store, search for the particular extension that you want to install
  • After selecting the extension, click on the “Add to Chrome” button to quickly install the extension

yandex browser to install chrome extensions android

  • After installing, Click on the Three Dots icon > Extensions to access Extension’s page. Here you will find the list of all Extensions that are currently active/non-active. Similarly, you can also activate/deactivate/install and uninstall various extensions from this page itself.

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So, we have successfully installed a Google Chrome Extension on our Android Smartphone within Chrome for Android. You either use Yandex or Kiwi and both will do the same job.

Final Words

These are two working tricks to install and use Google Chrome Desktop Extensions on Android Mobile. Both Kiwi Browser and Yandex Browser are Chromium based browser that has built-in support for Extensions from the Google Chrome Web Store. When comparing Kiwi and Yandex browser side by side, Kiwi Browser has some added advantages over Yandex Browser. Powerful Ad Blocker, Universal Dark Mode, Multiple Themes, Background playback are some other highlighted features of Kiwi Browser. The decision is always yours and you can try any browser of your choice.

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