How to Use Multiple Facebook Accounts on Android – 3 Methods

Facebook is the largest social media platform with over 2.4 billion active users. For some reason, we might want to use multiple Facebook Account on Android devices. The reason might be you want to separate your business life from your personal life or you are sharing a smartphone with one other person. In these cases, we need to have two separate instances of Facebook, so that we can simultaneously use multiple Facebook accounts on Android.

use multiple facebook accounts on android

Here, in this article, you will 3 methods by which you can use 2 Facebook accounts in one Android phone.

How to Use Multiple Facebook Accounts on Android Smartphone

As mentioned earlier, I will be listing two different ways to do the same. You can go with the option that you find is comfortable for you.

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Method 1: Use Facebook Lite

In this method, we will be using the Facebook Lite app instead of the official app for the second account. If you do not already know about Facebook Lite then it is a liter version of Facebook designed for lower-end devices and consumes considerably less amount of Internet. Everything will be in a minimal design and some features might not be available in the lite app. But gets the job done of using two Facebook accounts on a single Android device.

Step 1: First of all, Go to Google Play Store and search for Facebook Lite.

Facebook Lite

Step 2: Install the Facebook Lite App. It is a lightweight app and the size is about 1.5MB only. The app is already having more than 1 billion installations on the Google Play Store only.

install facebook lite

Step 3: Once installed, open the App.

Step 4: As soon as you open the app, you will notice that the interface is not that interactive as the original Facebook app. This is done so as to save Data and to work smoothly on lower-end devices with a lower amount of RAM and Storage.

Step 5: Tap on the Login button and it will take you to the login screen. Type your username and password, and log in to your account. Now we have successfully logged into two Facebook account from a single Android smartphone.

facebook lite for multiple facebook account

As this is a lite version of Facebook some features won’t be available in this. If you feel like you are missing some important features then you can follow the second method by which you can actually use the original Facebook app itself.

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Method 2: Multiple Facebook Account on Android with Parallel Space

Parallel Space is an Android app that lets us create multiple instances of the same app. This means you can clone the Facebook app and use the cloned version to login to your second account. The procedure is not that complex either. Follow the steps mentioned below and use multiple Facebook accounts on your device.

  • Open Play Store and search for Parallel Space or click on the link below

Parallel Space

  • Install the Parallel Space app on your device. If you are having a lower-end device then Parallel Space also offers a lite version which is less heavy than the original one.
  • Once installed, open the app. There it will show the list of all Apps that are installed in your device and which can be cloned to create multiple instances of the same app. In this case, we need to create a clone of Facebook. Select Facebook from the list of apps.

select facebook to clone

  • Tap on the clone button and the app will be cloned.
  • After that, you can now find the option, Facebook within Parallel Space. Clicking on that will open the second Facebook within Parallel Space with all feature that is available on the original version. You can go ahead and log in to your existing Facebook account or create a fresh new account. That’s it, this is how we use Parallel Space to use multiple Facebook account on Android.

Method 3: Dual Apps Feature

This is a device manufacturer-specific feature and you may or may not find them on your phone. In short, we can call it as a built-in Parallel Space into our OS. Some custom Android skins like MIUI, Color OS, etc comes with this feature. All the Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo devices come with this feature. You can check if your smartphone have this or not. If yes, then continue or else you will have to stick to either the first method or second method.

In my case, I am using a Xiaomi device with MIUI 11, which is having this feature.

  • Go to settings
  • Then select Apps
  • From the Apps settings, tap on ‘Dual apps’
  • It will show you a list of all apps that can be cloned to create multiple instances
  • In this case, we are going to use Facebook. Select Facebook from the list

turn on dual apps for facebook

  • Turn on the toggle button next to the app name
  • It will ask if you need to turn on Google Service for the dual app, tap on Turn on’

dual facebook for android

  • Wait for a couple of second and it will be done. You will find a new Facebook logo with a small dual app icon on the bottom.
  • Open the app and log in to your account, and start using a second Facebook account on that.

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Final Words

These are some working methods that you can use to access and use multiple Facebook accounts on Android. These methods will work both on Android Smartphones as well as Tablets. This will even work with Android Emulators if you are into it. I will suggest using Parallel Space or the built-in dual app feature in some devices as it will have all the features in the original Facebook app. If you use the Facebook Lite app then you might miss some amazing features that Facebook has in the offer.

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