Users Can Now Watch Instagram Live on the Web

instagram live now available on web version

After making DMs available on the web, Instagram now lets users watch live streams from its website itself. Users all around the globe use Instagram to publish posts, update status and live videos. Live streams are one of the best ways in which you can catch up with your friends or interact with followers. But this was only available on Android and iOS, but now things changed.

Some users started seeing the Live icon next to the username on Instagram Web. Clicking on it will allow anyone to watch anyone’s Instagram Live from the website itself. Now onwards, you will find a live badge next to the username of people who are doing a live stream. You could click on it and it will instantly open the live stream.

While watching the live stream on mobile, the comments will scroll over the video and it’s a little bit distracting. But on the web, live video and comments are displayed on two different tabs which means that comments won’t interfere video section. This is made possible with extra screen space on the desktop version of Instagram.

instagram live on the web
Image source: Beebom

Not all live specific features are available on the web version. The web version will support two-person streams without any issue but you can only view the Live on the web and won’t be able to request to be a part of it. Similarly, some other app-specific features are also not made available on the web version.

Recently, Instagram made ‘Direct Message’ option available to the web users, disappearing messages were spotted, and now the live stream feature as well. This indicates that Instagram is now providing more value to desktop users more than ever. Instagram might soon include other features from the app to the web version. Sometime, we might also get the option to post to Instagram directly from the Web as well.

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