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Today in this article you will find the Best Free VPN Apps for Android devices. We all are living in the era of Internet. The Internet is pretty much everything, We cannot even live without the Internet for a single Day (At least, I can’t). We use the Internet for a lot of things like Watching or Downloading Videos, Chatting or Browsing through various websites. Do you think your data are safe while you are using a Public Network? VPN Is the best way to hide and become anonymous.

While you are using a Public Wifi Network or any other Open Internet Connections, your privacy is at great risk. Computer and Network Hackers are more efficient than earlier. To keep your data safe from Hackers of other Third Parties, I recommend you to use Free VPN Apps on your Android device. No one wants to share their private data with others, do you?

VPN Free Android

VPN is one of the easiest yet safest methods to keep your private data safe and secure. Anyone can use a VPN service to keep his/her data highly encrypted, so no others will be able to take sneak peek into your private data. This means you are in control in your data, no other can have to access it. Let’s see What is VPN and why you should use a VPN right away.

What is VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. As the name itself suggests, It is a private network where all your Web activities are in control. No one can have access to the data and activity what you do on your Android device. Let’s say that you are using a Free Public un-encrypted Wifi network, there are chances for your data being leaked, to roadblock it, you can use a VPN Service mentioned below.

So, that sums up that you are anonymous while surfing the Internet with a VPN Service activated. Whatever your need be, whether it is for Torrenting, Gaming, For watching Netflix or Downloading, below given VPNs is capable for doing all these tasks for you.

Why VPN for Android?

When it comes to the Internet Privacy, It is a must to have a VPN Service to keep your Data safe from all third Parties. This is the Era of Internet and all most all our Highly Confidential Data are stored on different websites across the Internet. We should keep our Username & Password, Internet Banking Details, and all other Highly Confidential Data safe and secure, to do this, your data should not be viewed by any others. This is exactly where VPN Apps for Android comes in handy. VPN is a handful service that let you keep all your Internet Activity Private, Safe and Secure.

We use the Internet on our Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop, etc. And the best part about VPN is that it is available for all most all devices out there. Whether you use a Smartphone or a Laptop, you can Install a VPN App and start surfing the Internet anonymously. No one can trace your footprints and reach near you. So, that’s cool right?

Best Free VPN for Android

1. VPN Master

VPN Master is one among the most rated (4.6/5) VPN App available in the Google Play Store. This App for Android has been downloaded around 50 Million times as per the Play Store. In terms of the UI and simplicity, the App is quite great. VPN Master comes in both Paid and Free Version. In the Free Version, itself, you will have access to VPN servers in the US, UK, Singapore, France, Japan and a lot more. Much more Servers which are high speed is available for Premium VIP Users.

VPN Master Free

Get VPN Master  

The Speed for the Free version is quite great. Considering the fact that it is Free, it is really Great App for Free VPN on Android. Daily you will have 500MB of Free Storage to use, If you want to have unlimited space and get rid of ugly Ads, then you should go with the VIP option.

2. Rocket VPN

Rocket VPN is the second one in our list.  This VPN App helps you to protect your Mobile Data. Help you to visit Blocked Sites in your Country and much more. Rocket VPN Has both Free and Paid plans to get started with. If you are using your Mobile Data to surf the Internet, you can turn on Rocket VPN to be anonymous. No foot prints will be left behind after you visit any Completelyletely safe and secure.

Purchase the Pro Premium Plan of Rocket VPN if you want more powerful feature-rich VPN Service.

  Rocket VPN – Official Website

3. SecureLine VPN

We all know about one among the top performing Anit-Virus software Avast. SecureLine VPN is a VPN Service from Avast itself. SecureLine VPN Service for Android encrypts all your Internet Activity and Data to keep you safe from all third parties including Hackers and Hijackers. All your data (Whatever it is) is protected and encrypted using the IPsec protocol which is much harder and safer to keep your data in control. Especially, when you are using a Public Wifi, it really comes in handy.

Some features that make SecureLine VPN to be included in this list are:  Fast and reliable VPN service connects you to the optimal location, Unblock apps, Turn On/Off dashboard widget for quick access, Private, anonymous browsing, and a lot more

   SecureLine VPN – Official Website

4. Hola Free VPN

Are you or your friends looking for completely Free VPN Services? If you wanted to use a VPN App without paying anything, Hola Free VPN is the best option out there. All you wanted to do is, simply download the App from the link below and connect to a nearby server, and you are all good to go.

Hola Free VPN Proxy Unblocker
Hola Free VPN Proxy Unblocker

This is completely Free, So there will be some Ads in this VPN.

  Hola Free VPN

5. Surfeasy

Surfeasy is an awesome VPN Service App developed by Opera team. This is the another great VPN apps for Android in our list. This VPN App is having a lot of different unique location to connect. You can bypass Geo-Restriction and stuff like that including Accessing Blocked Websites. This one is both Free and Premium App.

SurfEasy Secure Android VPN
SurfEasy Secure Android VPN
Developer: SurfEasy Inc
Price: Free+

Another interesting part about this App is that, it got something much more than a VPN App. This App let you add widgets in the Home screen to toggle ON or OFF different settings right from the Home Screen itsel.f So, that’s cool, tight?. Free version of the App will give you a whopping 500MB Data to use. Want More? Just upgrade.

   SurfEasy VPN

6. Hotspot Shield VPN

This VPN App for Android is having more than a whopping 350 Million + Active Google Play Store install as of writing this article. All together for both Computer and Mobile Versions of Hotspot Shield VPN has been downloaded for more than 500+ Million Times.

Your data are transmitted through a highly secured protocol. Their services is quite great. This app let’s you keep all your data private when you are using a Public Wifi or Unsecured Wifi networks. That means, Full security and Privacy promised.

   Hotspot Shield VPN

7. VyprVPN

This is a heavy VPN FREE Android application. This App is quite popular to be included in this list. You can freely select the best server or virtual location that you like and start using it.  At a time, you h=can have two different VPN Location activated and Privacy is at great hands while you are surfing the Internet we=hen connected to VyprVPN Secure Virtual Network.

This VPN App has got some handful virtual locations to try. Those who want it for more data intense work can purchase the pro plan from their website, cost you about $9.99.

  VyprVPN Official Website

8. F-Secure Freedome VPN

F Secure VPN App is a great VPN Free Android App. This one has got many new features that other VPN Apps lack. Browser protection is at the peak in this VPN App. You will get a warning on visiting malicious and prompt on installing third party infected installations. F Secure Freedome VPN App is having more than 17+ Different unique virtual locations to protect yourself.

The best part is that you will get 14 Days free trial for just trying the App. You will get access to full options at the trial period. You can purchase the Premium version of the App by paying some amount. This App’s premium edition cost about $2.99 a month.

  F-Secure Freedome VPN

9. TunnelBear

TunnelBear VPN
TunnelBear VPN
Developer: TunnelBear, LLC
Price: Free+

10. Betternet

Final Words

So, guys, these were the top VPN Free Android Apps for your Android device. You can protect yourself by using these VPN Apps when you wanted to surf the internet anonymously. Here, I managed to share a list of cool Free VPN Apps, to be exact, top 10 VPN Apps for Android.

Now, all you wanted to do is, just simpley download anyone of them and start surfing the Internet sefaly and securely. Hopoe you guys found thi list of Top 10 VPN Apps for Android, If yes, Be surwe to share this list with your freinds on any Social Network you like.

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