How To Watch YouTube Videos Not Available In Your Country

If you are regularly using YouTube, then you might have encountered with an error message like “This video is not available in your Country” or ” The uploader has not made this video available in your Country”.In this guide, I will teach you guys, How to bypass  country restriction and watch any  videos in YouTube easily.

It is not because of YouTube that you are getting this Error message, The actual uploader may not have made a particular video available in your country, So YouTube has nothing to do with this issue.However, there are some tweaks that you can apply to watch any video from Youtube without any issue.

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Not all videos uploaded to YouTube are accessible to everyone.Just like other Google services, YouTube also allows the uploader to set Geo-Restriction on their videos for particular country or region. He/She can set Geo-Restriction on any video he/she likes. Maybe the one who uploaded the video doesn’t want to show that particular video to visitors from  India or China(any other country!)

It’s very disturbing for every YouTube users who face this issue. Now I am sharing three unique methods to fix this YouTube error and watch any Video anytime from YouTube without any Error.

1. By Changing URL Structure:

This is the most simple Trick to watch blocked videos in your Country.
For using this trick, all you want to do is, Just change the existing Video URL structure to a new one, Just replace /watch?v= to /v

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For example, if you want to watch a video with URL : simply change it to
Just enter the modified URL into the address bar of your Web Browser and watch the video without any error.

2. Download Videos From YouTube:

Another easy method for bypassing this issue is to Download the video from YouTube and then watch it.There are tons of free websites and softwares available to Download and save Videos from YouTube in one click.Today for this trick also we are using one such free website called SaveFrom.Net.

SaveFrom.Net is a simple online service that allows you to download Videos from YouTube in High Quality with High Speed. As their servers are located in different countries, Geo-Restriction will not be applicable to them.

  • For Downloading Videos from YouTube, Simply type in the address bar and hit Enter.
  • Paste the Link of the particular video you want to Download and press go button.
  • Choose the Quality of the Video
  • And finally, Click on the Download button.

After the download is complete you can watch it using any Media Players,

3. Use Any VPN or Proxy service:

You can also use any Proxy or VPN Service in order to bypass geo-restriction in YouTube.
When you are  using a VPN or Proxy service, you will be anonymous and your original IP Address will be Hidden.The websites you visit can’t track your Original IP and your identity remains hidden.

You have two ways for being anonymous: one is by using a VPN Software and the other one is by using any Proxy Website.

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You can download any Free VPN software from the Internet like ZenMate, etc and use it. Here I’m going to show you How you can visit sites using Proxy Website which is simple when compared to VPN Apps.

All you want to do is just visit this link: Top 100+ Free Proxy Sites – Free Proxy Servers List

  • Choose any Proxy website from the list mentioned above and type the URL of the particular video you want to watch in the URL field and watch it without any problem.

Final Words…

So guys, These are the simple ever working methods to watch Geo-Restrcited videos from any Country. You can try all three methods mentioned above.

Next time when you see any error message like “This video is not available in your Country” or ” The uploader has not made this video available in your Country” just use any trick mentioned above.

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