WearOS Smartwatches Now Shows ‘Hand Wash’ Reminder

hand wash reminder wearos

One of the best way to keep Coronavirus away and stay safe is to wash your hands frequently. If you are someone who goes out or interact with other people then you should definitely wash your hands regularly. World Health Organization (WHO) recommends people to wash their hand at least for 20 seconds to keep the COVID-19 virus away. Now, the new WearOS update for smartwatches reminds the user to wash their hands in every 3 hours.

The reminder will be sent to all WearOS version 5.4.0 compatible smartwatch users. This feature will be available in the Clock app in WearOS smartwatches. Once its enabled the app will deliver notification and reminder in every three hours to remind you to wash your hands. At first, the option will be display with an Open button. As soon as you start it, a 40 second timer will appear and once done, the notification will again appear after 3 hours.

hand wash reminder on wearos

The notification also highlights “Always use soap” to remind users to use soap or any sort of had wash every time to kill any other germs or bacteria. If you are a WearOS 5.4.0 compatible smartwatch user and you think after a few alerts this will make you annoying then you even got an option to disable the reminder function.

This reminder will appear on every WearOS version 5.4.0 compatible smartwatches. If your smartwatch is on the list then make sure you update the device as soon as you receive it. You can look for any new updates in the system updates section.

It’s good to have this features enabled on a device like smartwatch that we use regularly. And finally make sure you wash your hands for at least 20 seconds and use soap every time . Repeat it multiple times a day to keep yourself safe and hygienic.

Source: Android Police

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