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[Crazy] WhatsApp Dare Games, Quiz and WhatsApp Puzzles (2020)

WhatsApp Puzzles and WhatsApp Dare games are some kinds of interesting WhatsApp Games that you can play to kill your free time. I know, you guys are searching for WhatsApp Dare Games for a long time, In this article, you will find a list of top WhatsApp Dare Questions along with Answers for all sort of friends. You can’t use a single Dare game for all your chats. Because, you may chat with your Friends, Crush, Lover, Family Members, Relatives, Colleagues, etc. So, sometime a single dare will not work for all of these chats. That’s exactly why I have included WhatsApp Dare Games from various categories for different Friends and Chats.

WhatsApp dares for crush, WhatsApp Dare for Friends, etc are some examples of WhatsApp Puzzles from different categories. WhatsApp Dares Questions and Answers are set of Questions along with Answers that you can send to any chat of yours, even you can send it to any Group you are in. It is sometimes a really good game when you have nothing to talk about. Let’s say that you are in a situation like where you wanted to chat with a person, but have nothing to start the conversation, at this time, all you wanted to do is simply copy any of the WhatsApp Dare or puzzle from below of your choice and then paste and send it to your friends, and wait for the reply. In this way, you can keep the conversation up and move, Also be sure to check the WhatsApp Fake US Number Trick.

WhatsApp Dare Games

What is WhatsApp Dare Games?

Probably all of you might be already aware of what WhatsApp Dare Games are, but if you don’t know what it is then let me just give you a brief overview of it. Whatsapp Dare Games and WhatsApp Puzzles are pretty much the same. Both of them are a set of Questions and Answers. The question may be of any kind. The main theme will be to select a dare. There will be a number of options that you will ask the other person to select, there will be just numbers and the person should randomly select any number (Some Dare mentioned below are based on Emojis or Smileys, where the person should send you the respective Smily instead of the Number of Alphabet.) Once, you have received the reply message from the other person, just send the set of all answers. basically, all the answers will be some kind of Dare and the other person should do it 😉

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WhatsApp Dare and WhatsApp Puzzle

WhatsApp Smiley

Choose the emoji, and get ready for your dare!!

😘 😚 😍 😙 😜 😝 😛 😄 😃 😀 😗 😒 😊 😉 😳 😁 😭 😌 ☺ 😞 😣 😢 😂 😏 😪 😥 😰 😅


  • 😘 – Tell me something about your personal life.
  • 😚 – Give me Cadbury silk when u meet me.
  • 😍 – Write my name on your status for 6 hours.
  • 😙 – How you want me to be?
  • 😜 – Send me your crush picture.
  • 😝 – Write your status saying you love me.
  • 😛 – Put my DP as your for 2 day
  • 😄 – Send me your funniest picture.
  • 😃 – Tell me ur crush name
  • 😀 – What do you feel about me?
  • 😗- Put my DP and my status for 4 hours.
  • 😒- Hug me tight when you will meet me.
  • 😊 – Do my any work.
  • 😉- On spot selfie must send now whatever You are doing.
  • 😳 – Do my recharge of 198/-
  • 😁 – Send me 10 friendship messages.
  • 😭- Describe me in 3 lines.
  • 😌 – Take me For a long drive
  • ☺ – Tell me ur deepest secret.
  • 😞 – Tell me whom you kissed first in your life
  • 😣 – Tell me honestly whom do you love?
  • 😢 – Tell me about your love . Describe him/ her.
  • 😂 – Write a status that I am the best and keep it for one day.
  • 😏 – I will ask you three questions which you have to answer honestly.
  • 😪 – Upload a picture which I will give you, as your profile pic on fb
  • 😥 – Propose me right now.
  • 😰 – : send me a video of yours by saying anything.
  • 😅 – Write a text about me and send it to me.

Funny WhatsApp Puzzle


Select your desired Heart Number and reply me in 10 seconds and I will send you Dare for your selected Heart and remember that you can’t back out as you have chosen to play this Whatsapp Game.

❤1 ❤2 ❤3 ❤4 ❤5 ❤6 ❤7 ❤8 ❤9 ❤10 ❤11 ❤12 ❤13 ❤14 ❤15 ❤16 ❤17 ❤18 ❤19 ❤20


Here is the Dare to perform for your selected Heart Number.

1. ❤ Propose Me. 📷

2. ❤ Make My Name As Your Status, Saying That You Want To Marry Me.💍

3. ❤ Send Me I Love You. 😛

4. ❤ Sing Your Favourite Song Or Dedicate A Song To Me As A Video Clip. 🎵

5. ❤ Speak About Me For At Least 3 Minutes And Send Me A Video. 😝

6. ❤ Tell Me Which Brand Undergarments You Wear.💃

7. ❤ Tell Me Your Deepest Secret.

8. ❤ Flirt me!!😳

9. ❤ Make A Collage Of Our Photos And Make It DP. 👻

10. ❤ Tell Me The Name Of Your First Crush. 😂

11. ❤ Write I Love You 50 Times And Send It To Me. 😏

12. ❤ Tell Me The Name Of First Girl/Boy, You Kissed. 😛

13. ❤ Come On Video Call And Send Me Kisses. 😘

14. ❤ What Am I To You?

15. ❤ Be My One Day BF/GF. 👫

16. ❤ Send Me A Picture Of What You Are Doing Now.

17. ❤ Do, 6,7 and 11th Dare.

18. ❤ Dance On Any Song And Send Me The Video.

19. ❤ Send Me A Picture Of You Wearing Least Clothes.

20. ❤ Tell Me Two Negative Points About Me That You Hate The Most.

Naughty WhatsApp Dare

Choose any triple number from the list and I will show you, Who You Are. 😀 Reply Fast!!

  1. 000 😜
  2. 111 😜
  3. 222 😜
  4. 333 😜
  5. 444 😜
  6. 555 😜
  7. 666 😜
  8. 777 😜
  9. 888 😜
  10. 999 😜


000 Handsome

111 Lovely & Caring

222 Silent killer

333 True lover

444 Cheater

555 Sex Addict

666 Heart Breaker

777 Proud And Sweet

888 Lazy In Bed

999 Hard Worker

Best WhatsApp Dare Puzzle

Select any one book from the list below. I’ll tell you about your life partner character. Choose carefully.


  1.  Caring and Lovely. Difficult to find such partner. You are very lucky.
  2.  Very bold and straightforward. You need to think twice before arguing.
  3.  The deep thinker and romantic. Perfect life partner for you.
  4.  Fashionable, social and stylish. You will be happy with your partner forever.
  5.  Selfish and money minded. Be careful with your partner. They love money than you.
  6.  Annoying but protective.
  7.  Innocent and kind-hearted. Everyone will love and respect your partner.

WhatsApp Dare

Let’s play a question and answer dare game. Answer to all my 10 questions and I’ll send the dare after receiving your answers. Reply fast. I’m waiting.

Q1: What is your favorite color?

Q2: What is your favorite chocolate?

Q3: What is your nearby favorite theater?

Q4: What is your favorite TV show?

Q5: Which is your favorite place in our city?

Q6: What is your favorite ice-cream?

Q7: What are your favorite pictures of mine?

Q8: Who is your previous crush?

Q9: What is your favorite book?

Q10: Which actor/actress you like most?


Dare for Q1: Take a picture by wearing the same color dress and place it as your WhatsApp display picture.

Dare for Q2: Give that chocolate whenever we met next time.

Dare for Q2: Book tickets for us whatever movie is playing in that theater.

Dare for Q4: Send me the last episode of that show.

Dare for Q5: Take me to that place at midnight.

Dare for Q6: Take me to ice cream parlor and buy your favorite ice-cream for me.

Dare for Q7: Place that picture as your WhatsApp display picture for three days.

Dare for Q8: Make a call to him/her and say “I’m in Love with someone”

Dare for Q9: You have to give the same book you like the most as a birthday gift to me.

Dare for Q10: Place their picture as your Whatsapp display picture along with a status of  “I Love you, Darling.”

WhatsApp Dare for Friends


Select an alphabet from A-Z. After that, you have to change your Whatsapp status according to the selected alphabet.


  1. I successfully got my pregnancy.
  2. I’m ready to accept your proposal.
  3. I’m in love with my friend’s lover.
  4. Don’t ask my picture I’m ugly now.
  5. Recently I forgot my heart with you. Please give it back to me. I’m dying for you.
  6. I’m a foody person and my main hobby is eating
  7. Right now I’m in a secret place with my crush don’t disturb us.
  8. I wish to be a Buffalo in my next life.
  9. I’m doing my makeup now don’t disturb me
  10. You fool don’t speak to me ever again
  11. I’m a mental patient.
  12. I hate you all. Leave me alone
  13. Am I looking hot?
  14. A heartbroken person.
  15. Sorry I’m a cheater
  16. I’m a bad person.
  17. I’d like to kill you and drink your blood
  18. I’m in love
  19. I like sleeping
  20. I miss my ex badly
  21. Oh, Gog!! My crush is in love with my best friend.
  22. I Miss You.
  23. Don’t message me again.
  24. I’m getting married next week.
  25. I’m an Idiot
  26. I’m a Roudy
  27. Don’t ever try to cheat on me.

WhatsApp Puzzle

Pick a number between 1 and 50 and I’ll dare you according to the selected number.


  1. Give a rose to your crush.
  2. Buy me an iPhone X.
  3. What do you think about me?
  4. Bring me a glass of water.
  5. Gift me something when we meet next time.
  6. Biryani Party.
  7. Selfie with your parents and send it to me.
  8. Recharge my mobile number for 1oo Rs.
  9. Cry like a baby.
  10. Message your Facebook password.
  11. Let’s go for a walk.
  12. Selfie with me.
  13. Send any 5 pictures of you.
  14. Uninstall your WhatsApp for 24 hours.
  15. Send any voice note to me.
  16. Buy me any gift you like.
  17. Plan a surprise for me.
  18. Give a nickname to me.
  19. Don’t message me for next 4 days.
  20. Long ride with me.
  21. Buy a watch for me.
  22. Write about me in your WhatsApp Status.
  23. Send the screenshots or your last 3 WhatsApp conversations (Don’t include mine).
  24. Download my WhatsApp DP and use the same for your DP.
  25. Wear the smallest dress you had, take a selfie and send it to me.
  26. Call me and talk for 1 hour.
  27. Block me on WhatsApp for 2 days.
  28. Send a message saying “I Miss You” to any 5 contacts. If they respond. Play the same dare with them
  29. Rate my DP out of 10.
  30. Take a picture of your location and send it to me.
  31. Mass dance for a sad song, record it and send it to me.
  32. Change your WhatsApp status saying you are in love with me.
  33. Call me and make annoying sounds.
  34. A selfie with me when we meet next time.
  35. Give me a hug for 2 minutes.
  36. Shout me like your dad.
  37. Make a monkey face and send a picture to me.
  38. Send any funny message to your best friend.
  39. Don’t bath for next 2 days.
  40.  Let’s date.
  41. Send me your cute picture.
  42. Imagine your pillow as me and do whatever you want.
  43. Call me and speak something.
  44.  Put a WhatsApp story with my picture and describe our character.
  45. Make a call to customer care and talk nonsense for 10 minutes.
  46. Sing your favorite song and send it as a voice note.
  47. Slap yourself and record it.
  48. Who is your crush?
  49. Don’t sleep for an entire night.
  50. Wear same clothes for 2 days without washing.

Crazy WhatsApp Dare

Who Am I for You? Select one answer from the list and I’ll Tell you the meaning.

  1. Chocolate..
  2. Burger..
  3. Pizza..
  4. Sweets..
  5. Pain Killer..
  6. Cigarette..
  7. Drugs..


  1. Chocolate = You love me.
  2. Pizza = Good Friends.
  3. Burger = Time Pass.
  4. Sweet = Best Friends.
  5. Pain Killer = You Need Me.
  6. Cigarette = Addict to Me.
  7. Drugs = Can’t Live Without Me.

Dare For Girlfriend

Select any number from 1 to 30 and I’ll tell your dare


1. date me

2. Ice cream treat

3. Send me your cutest pic

4. Give me treat next time

5.hug me when you meet me next

6.make my pic as your dp for whole day

7. Send a voice note saying you love me in 3 romantic way.

8. What would you want our relation to be?

9. Put your status for a day saying “I am mad”

10.Call me and say my name in a loud voice

11.delete my number

12. Write your and my name in your status for 1 day!

13. what are your feelings about me?

14. Tell me something you always wanted to say but you couldn’t…

15. How do you want me to be?

16. How do you describe me at least six line

17.  Rs 222 recharge to my mob

18.treat me with a movie

19. Take me 4 a long drive on any song and send me the video

21.send me a voice note saying you love me in 3 romantic ways and keep our

name in your status

22. send a pic of your 1st  crush

23.Take a picture of yourself & send it to me now

24. Send me a pic of you wearing the least clothes on you

25. What am I to you ?

26. What’s your deepest secret? <3

27. be my 1 day bf or gf 😛

28. Tell me something you always.  to say but you couldn’t

29.tell me 2 negative points about me that you hate the most

30 Send me a picture of what your doing now

WhatsApp Dare for Crush – BF/GF

WhatsApp Dare For Crush

Select a alphabet from A-Z and the according to selected alphabet set Your Whatsapp status!!


A-I’m pregnant 😳🙊
B-ready to accept ur proposal😌
C-I’m in love with my friend’s lover😈
D-I am ugly🙈🙊🙉
E-guess i forgot my heart with u,plz return it..I’m dying💞💓
F-my main hobby is eating😋
G-In a secret place with my love don’t disturb 😜
H-i wish to b a 🐃 in my next life
I-I like to put makeup
J- Do not speak to me ever again🙉
K-I’m mental
L- Hate u all
M-I’m sexy😎
O-I’m a cheater
P-play boy/girl
Q-I’d like to u drink ur blood
R-in love
S-Bhaiso se nafrat
T-missing my ex lover
U-my bf/gf is in love with my best friend..
V-missing u
W-don’t message me
X-I’m getting married next year😊
Y-baby doll mai sona di
Z-I’m a Roudy😈😈

No cheating ❌
👉Go change ur status..let’s see who all r brave enough 😛

WhatsApp Smileys Puzzles

15 Indian Cities names are hidden in the below-given clues, find out all of them and tell me the names of all cities.

  1. ❤li
  2. 🔥®🅰
  3. ➡🚪
  4. ⚫🔫
  5. ⛓🆕
  6. 💣💃🏻
  7. 🏛®U
  8. 🕌 🛏
  9. 🐷🌃
  10. ♦🐍®
  11. 🅿🍪N🅰
  12. 👂🏻💨rrr…
  13. 🌁🏔🗻🐍®
  14. T🍪🐍®
  15. 🌙D🏠


  1. Delhi
  2. Agra
  3. Indore
  4. Calcutta
  5. Chennai
  6. Bombay
  7. Bengaluru
  8. Hyderabad
  9. Surat
  10. Itanagar
  11. Patna
  12. Kanpur
  13. Srinagar
  14. Tatanagar
  15. Chandigarh

WhatsApp Puzzle Funny

Select any one of your favorite multiple of ten between 10 and 100. I can say your life partner’s character. This is going to be really fun.

10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100

reply fast


Question Type WhatsApp Dare

1. My contact name in your phone?

Answer: ___________________

2. The nick name you want to give me?

Answer: ____________________

3. Things you like most in me?

Answer: _____________________

4. Color that suits me?

Answer: _____________________

5. Relation status you want to be with me? (No cheating)

Answer: _____________________

6. The thing you like most in my character?

Answer: _____________________

7. The thing you hate in my attitude?


8. Which type of dresses suits me most?

Answer: ____________________

9. Dedicate a song for our relationship?

Answer: ____________________

10. Rate my Whatsapp profile picture out of 100?

Answer: _____________________

Fill it and send back

WhatsApp Dare For Fun

Chose any one hand moment and get ready to accept my dare.                       

Give me a surprise treat.

 Request me for taking out with you.

 Make a call to me at midnight and say I LOVE YOU.

 Take me out for Ice cream treat

 Delete my number from your contacts.

 Write “I’m Mad” in your WhatsApp story for two days.

 Call me immediately after you wake up in the morning and say my name in a loud voice.

 Make my picture as your WhatsApp chat wallpaper and send our WhatsApp conversation screenshot to me.

 I need a favor from you and you have to do it.

 Do you think our present relationship will lead to our marriage?

 Write “weds” in between in your name and my name in your status for 2 days.

 Write “Please Love Me (with my name) “ in your WhatsApp story.

 Make a video call and show me what you’re doing now.

 Send me your cutest selfie.

 What’s your deepest secret you are hiding from me?

 What do you feel about me?

 Take a selfie with broom & send it to me.

 What is the one thing you always wanted to say me?

 Act like my slave for 3 days.

 Do you want a change in my attitude?

 What is the one thing that you like that most in my character?

 Send a voice clip to me saying I wanna marry you soon.

 Write my name in 5 different national languages in your Whatsapp status.

 Send me the first photo of you with your crush.

WhatsApp Dare For Crush

Choose any number between 1 to 25 and I will send you your dare.


1. Write your crush name in your status.
2. Will you kill anyone if you get permission? If yes, Who is that person?
3. Be my GF/BF for one day.
4. The quality you like the most in yourself?
5. The quality you’d like to change in yourself?
6. What do you like in me?
7. The thing you don’t like in me
8. On your interest, the person you like to marry.
9. Send me your cutest picture.
10. Describe me in one word.
11. The most important person in your life?
12. My contact name on your phone.
13. The nickname you want to give me?
14. Things you like most in me?
15. Color that suits me?
16. Relation status you want to be with me? (No cheating)
17. The thing you like most about my character?
18. The thing you hate in my attitude?
19. Which type of dresses suits me most?
20. Dedicate a song to our relationship?
21. Rate my WhatsApp profile picture out of 100?
22. The first thing you notice in a person when you meet them first time.
23. Your Best Friend.
24. What is your opinion on me?
25. What is your crazy dream?

Crazy WhatsApp Puzzle

Choose a gift From 1 to 50 And have a dare All new so be careful 😈😈 😍😍😝😝
1🎁2🎁3🎁4🎁5🎁6🎁7🎁8🎁9🎁10🎁11🎁12🎁13🎁14🎁15🎁16🎁17🎁18🎁19🎁20🎁21🎁22🎁23🎁24🎁25🎁26🎁27🎁28🎁29🎁30🎁31🎁32🎁33🎁34🎁35🎁36🎁37🎁38🎁39🎁40🎁41🎁42🎁43🎁44🎁45🎁46🎁47🎁48🎁49🎁50🎁 …extremely dangerous 😉 Send it to all your contacts and see what they choose😛🤣


1🎸 :: Deactivate your whatsapp😂
2🎸 :: send a video of yourself🙈
3🎸 :: Kiss me in the Rain😂
4🎸 :: Make a dubsmash video of yourself & send it
5🎸 :: Send me the screen shot of your gallery😉
6🎸 :: get me dairymilk silk
7🎸 :: Reveal your facebook password😂
8🎸 :: put my pic as your WhatsApp dp for 2 days…
9🎸 :: give a recharge to my number😂
10🎸 :: You are lucky. So there is no dare for u…😎
11🎸 :: send a pic of urs
12🎸 :: sing a song
13🎸 :: propose someone
14🎸 :: post “my pic in ur wats app status” nd say i miss u
15🎸 :: “i am mad” put as your whatsapp status😂
16🎸 :: Send me ur cute pic…
17🎸 :: give me a kiss on cheeks😘
18🎸 :: be detective of your sibling and keep an eye on them😂
19🎸 :: Change your dp in to your gf/bf pic for 1 day…
20🎸 :: Send me your crush’s pic…
21🎸 :: go and eat grass for 1 minute…😂
22🎸 :: slap someone who is sitting next to you😂
23🎸 :: Tell me one thing that u never tell anyone…
24🎸 :: Say “I MISS YOU” 50 times…
25🎸 :: Who I am for u???
26🎸 :: put “i am in love” as your whatsapp status😂
27🎸 :: Write my name with ❤ in your what’s up status…
28🎸 :: meet me and give me 5 kisses and 1 hug
29🎸 :: Take a pic of u now& and send it to me…
30🎸 :: Send me ur messy hair look pic😂
31🎸 :: You are lucky. So there is no dare for u…
32🎸 :: Create a song for me and sing it to me…
33🎸 :: Get a new hair cut
34🎸 :: u are my best friend…
35🎸 :: Hug me and give 100 kisses
36🎸 :: Write my name with ur name in what’sapp for 1 day…
37🎸 :: promote me in ua fb account
38🎸 ::Post your gf/bf pic…
39🎸 :: call me and tell i love u…
40🎸 :: Tell me a secret about u…
41🎸 :: Tell your secret about your realtionship between you and your gf/bf…
42🎸 :: Make ur dp as funny monkey’s photo🙊
43🎸 :: ask me a question😑
44🎸 :: Tell me something that u want to tell me but u couldnt…
45🎸 :: What is in your mind now? Reveal it😂
46🎸 :: Give me your best friend number😜
47🎸 :: meet me and give me a hug
48🎸 :: Put my name and say “I LOVE YOU”❤
49🎸 :: What are your feelings about me?
50🎸 :: Give me 1000 kisses💋

Whatsapp Dare Choose Smiley

Select any keys below:

And Get interesting Replies


1. Tell me your Darkest secret🤐
2. Who is your BF/GF 💑
3. Get me a treat🍸
4.Should Do a dare that I suggest
5.Tell “I Love You” 😘

Dare: These 10 things, most people see daily in their life. Rearrange the spellings and answer.









9. Mrriro

10. obok


1.Wall Clock


3.Ceiling Fan

4.Mobile screen

5.Mirror Glass






Final Words

Go, guys, these are the best WhatsApp Dares and WhatsApp Puzzles to play with your Friends, Crush, Girlfriends, etc. If you are looking to kill your free time, WhatsApp Dares are something that you can go with. We have managed to share about 50+ Unique and Best Emoji, Smiley, Text, and Picture based WhatsApp dares. Now, copy anyone of your choice from the above list and send it to your friend, crush, relatives or anyone and have a good game with them. Comment down below your thoughts about this list of Best WhatsApp Dare and also be sure to share this with your friends on different Social Media as well.

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