WhatsApp Gets QR Code, Animated Stickers, Web Dark Mode Updates and More

WhatsApp is finally getting some much-awaited features like the support for QR Code, dedicated dark mode on WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp for PC, Animated stickers, and more. The company has officially announced these features and you should receive it in the coming weeks.

New upcoming WhatsApp Features
Source: WhatsApp

New features introduced on WhatsApp

There are a couple of features introduced on the official version of WhatsApp. So this will be made available to everyone and not just Beta users.

Animated Stickers

Earlier, in a beta version of WhatsApp, Animated Stickers was available. But the team removed it after a while. This feature has finally made a comeback to the official version. Soon you will be able to share animated stickers with your chats easily. Up until now, only standard stickers were available.

QR Code

Adding contacts to your mobile has become even easier with the new QR Code scan feature. This is something similar to Snapcode features in Snapchat and the Code scanning feature on Instagram. Next time onwards, you could simply scan the WhatsApp QR Code to add contacts to your device or share your contact with others. You will soon find the QR Code within WhatsApp after the update is done.

Web Dark Mode

Only the mobile version of apps got dark mode support and the PC version of the app and WhatsApp Web were not having dark mode support. WhatsApp has now introduced dark mode to WhatsApp Web making it easier for people who use WhatsApp Web a lot than the mobile app itself. It is also made available on the WhatsApp PC app as well.

Status Feature on KaiOS

The status feature was not available on WhatsApp on KaiOS. But the company has listened to its user and finally, KaiOS WhatsApp users gets the Status feature.

Improvements to Group Video Calls

Earlier WhatsApp introduced a new limit of 8 people in a single video call. Let’s say you wanted to focus on someone specifically, now you can do it by enlarging that specific person’s video call.

These are some news features hitting WhatsApp in the upcoming weeks.

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