WhatsApp on KaiOS to Soon Get ‘Status’ Option

WhatsApp for KaiOS gets support for Status feature

KaiOS is the third most popular mobile OS that comes after Android and iOS. As of now the platform already has a combined userbase of more than 100 million users. The OS is running on many feature phones like the Jio Phone and Nokia 8110.

Third-party app support is a major problem persisting on KaiOS. Some popular social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter is already available on the platform but other apps are not available.

It was back in June last year the KaiOS got support for WhatsApp. It was one of the most requested features on the Operating System. WhatsApp that was made available on KaiOS lacked so many features that were available on the Android and iOS versions.

For example, features like the ability to add and view status, WhatsApp Web, Audio and Video calling, etc are not available.

New reports suggest that the WhatsApp KaiOS version will soon get support for the Status option. So this will let users with feature phones to post status and view other users’ as well. It might take some time, but it has been confirmed to Android Central that the feature will be made available pretty sooner and than later. If it all goes by the plan, then KaiOS WhatsApp will get the status feature in a couple of months.

KaiOS is not that feature-rich as it is something like a web browser with support for HTM5 and Javascript. Basically, all the apps that are now available on the OS is a kind of a mobile version of the website placed inside an app locally. So, we can’t complain much about the features lacking on the platform.

It is confirmed that the Status feature will soon reach WhatsApp on KaiOS. It still not confirmed if other features like WhatsApp Web will make its way to the same.

Aromal VG
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