WhatsApp Usage Up by 40% due to COVID-19 Pandemic

whatsapp usage time spikes 40 percent

WhatsApp and other major social media platforms are seeing a huge spike in the usage time due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Following the COVID-19 Pandemic, almost all countries have announced lockdown for a stipulated time period. Now people are free in homes deciding what to do and the majority of the people spend their time online visiting different websites, watching videos and spending time on different Social Media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.

WhatsApp has seen a sharp increase of about 40% in usage time these days. Spike in visitors’ numbers also leads to a huge server load. To tackle this situation WhatsApp has already restricted users from uploading status videos of more than 15 seconds in duration. Similarly, many other companies like YouTube, Amazon Prime, and Netflix have also restricted users from playing videos in High Quality. By default, these services will stream contents in SD quality and you can change the quality as well.

The statistics have been reported by Kantar, a data and consultancy agency. For WhatsApp, during the early phase of the virus spread, it saw an increase of about 27% in usage and during the mid-phase to rose all the way up to 41 percent.

Not just WhatsApp, time spend on other platforms including Facebook-owned Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube has also seen a sharp increase in numbers due to the same reason.

During this lockdown, the only way to connect and communicate with people around the globe is the Internet and the global Internet traffic has also boomed due to the Coronavirus outbreak. These measures are taken by companies to reduce the server load as almost all companies are working with marginally less number of the working force. This sort of usage trend will continue until things stabilizes and the lockdown periods are over.

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