WhatsApp Video Status Time Limit Lowers to 15 Seconds; Here’s why

whatsapp video status 15 seconds limit

WhatsApp sets a new time limit for video status for users in India. Earlier the time limit for WhatsApp video statuses was set at 30 seconds. This limit only applies to users in India and will be rolled out to both Android as well as the iOS version of WhatsApp.

WABetaInfo reported the same and this limit is set by WhatsApp so as to reduce the server load. Following the 21 days lockdown announced in India, almost all people are in the home. People started using WhatsApp and other social media platforms a lot more than usual and  WhatsApp server loads are getting bigger and bigger. To tackle this situation, WhatsApp announced they will be rolling this 15-second video status time limit to all users in India.

The update will be rolled out in a phase-by-phase manner starting today and will reach all users in the coming days.

Earlier people could upload videos up to 30 seconds and only longer videos were in need to be cropped. Now, if a person tries to upload videos greater than 15 seconds in duration, WhatsApp will ask them to adjust the crop time frame to 15 seconds.

Earlier, some reports suggested that the new time limit will be 16 seconds, but it is now confirmed that it is 15 seconds and not 16 seconds.

As WhatsApp introduced this limit, the server load will be lowered by a good margin. Apart from this, the social media giant also announced, the Voice and Video calling via WhatsApp almost doubled last month.

This is a temporary limit and will be lifted off once the crisis is over and everything is stable. WhatsApp and pretty much all other companies are working with a limited number of staffs and it gets hard for them to Maintainance. As the crisis stabilizes, the video length limit will also be pulled off. There is no official statement from WhatsApp yet.