WhatsApp Web Beta Spotted With Messenger Rooms Integration

Messenger Rooms was announced by Facebook a couple of weeks ago. Messenger Rooms will support up to 50 people in a video call and is planning to take on other online video conferencing services like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet.

The new beta version of WhatsApp Web with version number 2.2019.6 has been spotted with the Messenger Rooms integration. Recently, the number of persons that can be included in a video call was extended to eight.

The upcoming version of WhatsApp Web will have a shortcut to access Messenger Rooms. The host will be able to initiate a new video call and add other people to the call.

Facebook is planning to integrate Messenger Rooms to all Facebook-owned apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger.

How to access Messenger Rooms in WhatsApp?

A new shortcut button to instantly launch Messenger Rooms is available in the beta version of WhatsApp Web.

Users have to click on the document clip icon from the top right corner of the screen and a new option called Messenger Rooms will appear (the one with a camcorder icon).

messenger rooms integration on whatsapp
Image credit: WaBetaInfo

Upon clicking the icon, a new popup will appear with a button to “Continue in Messenger”.

open messenger rooms in whatsapp
Image credit: WaBetaInfo

The option can also be accessed from the main menu as well. All you have to do is just click on the down headed arrow icon from the top left corner of the screen above the chats. Select the ‘Create a Room’ option and a popup asking whether to open Messenger Rooms will appear and this way anyone can host a video call with up to 50 people.

This feature is still in the development stage and we can expect this feature to be live in a couple of days or weeks. It will be made available to all three major platforms including Android, iOS, and WhatsApp Web. Soon Instagram will also get a shortcut with the Messenger Rooms option.

Source: WABetaInfo

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