WHO About to Launch a COVID-19 Information App

who covid 19 app

World Health Organization (WHO) is all set to launch an app for COVID-19. Earlier, WHO started a WhatsApp Chatbot that helps people around the world spreading legitimate and authenticate informations, tips, and news about Coronavirus. Now with the App WHO is planning to provide accurate information about COVID-19 to users around the globe.

Fake news is being spread at a rate more than the spreading of Coronavirus. To stop this, people are advised to visit only authentic sources like the WHO website and other national health websites. MyJio app introduced a Coronavirus Symptom Checker to see assess the risk level of anyone earlier.

As of now, the App will be available for both Android and iOS. Soon a web version will also be made available. The Proposal from WHO COVID App Collective states, “There is an urgent, global need for an official WHO App to help contain and mitigate COVID-19. The app should support the WHO efforts and be available on a worldwide basis, with information tailored to the user’s location, culture and language. The app should also be sensitive to national needs and respect privacy. Once established, the system can be leveraged to proactively detect, respond early and prevent future pandemics,“.

The App is being developed by former employees of Google and Microsoft along with advisory members from the WHO itself. The source code of the app is already out on Github and if you are into it, you can take a look at it. The App will be made available soon and it can be considered as a medium for you to keep track of the numbers and other useful info related to COVID-19.

The App is likely to be named “WHO MyHealth” and a dedicated web version will also be made available. For now, you can use the official World Health Organization ChatBot to stay updated with the latest info and numbers around the globe.

Source: WHO COVID APP Collective

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