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Who Is an Ideal Candidate? What Topics to Learn?Are Practice Tests Helpful? – Answering All Your Burning Questions About Microsoft MS-300 Exam

It is an undeniable fact that Microsoft holds a huge percent of the whole IT industry. That is why a lot of companies are glad to see their employees being knowledgeable in Microsoft services and technologies. Today, we will talk about one of the most famous and sought-after certifications that this organization can offer you – Microsoft 365 Certified: Teamwork Administrator Associate. And especially in this post, we will emphasize the importance of taking one of its prerequisite exams –Microsoft Ms-300 Real Exam Questions. Let’s look at the questions that many potential candidates ask before starting their preparation.

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Who is eligible for Microsoft MS-3000?

This is the most common question among the applicants. Please note that there are no strict prerequisites that can put a limit on your desire of obtaining the credential. Most of the time, the examinees for Microsoft MS-300 are those teamwork administrators who have the responsibility and ability to configure, manage, and deploy Azure workloads and Office 365 that focus mainly on effective and efficient adoption and collaboration. These specialists typically manage services, apps, and also support infrastructure so that it can meet the requirements of any business. Theyalso should be able to secure, deploy, manage, and mitigate SharePoint (onpremises, online, and hybrid), Teams, and OneDrive.Make a long story short, ateamwork administrator is an expert who is involved in making decisions concerning management as well as works with other administrators when implementing the decisions that governance bodies make. If you are that person, it will be much easier for you.

Besides, the Certbolt Microsoft MS-300 exam can be taken bythosespecialistswho collaborate with the messaging administrators in configuring options, the security administrators in ensuring end-to-end security, and the voice administrators in integrating voice capabilities.

What background is required for Microsoft MS-300?

For this certification test, youneed to have a basic understanding of integration points with the following services and apps:

  • Project
  • Power Apps
  • Planner
  • Stream
  • Microsoft Graph
  • Yammer
  • Flow
  • Office

It is vital to understand how to integrate using third-party apps as well as services, including lineofbusiness applications. The candidates for this test should also have knowledge of Azure Active Directory, SQL Server management concepts, alternative operating systems, PowerShell, Active Directory mobile devices management, Domain Name System (DNS), and Windows server administration.

How many questions does Microsoft MS-300 have?

It is a known fact that Microsoft never tells the exact number of questions for its tests, so it may be difficult to find an answer. But if you visit the FAQ section, you will know that you can face with 40 to 60 questions in any certification exam of this vendor.

Is English the only available language for Microsoft MS-300?

No, it is not. The Microsoft MS-300 exam is available in various languages, including English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, and German.

How many topics to learn and what are they?

The MS-300 certification exam measures a wide range of skills related to the deployment of Microsoft 365 Teamwork. Below are the main objectives of thistest. All in all, there are 4 majortopic areas. There is also a percentage against each measured skillthat shows the weight given in the exam. Without much ado, let us highlight these subjects.

Configuring and Managing SharePoint Online – 35-40%

The key subtopics of this part entail planning and configuration of hub sites and site collections, customizations and apps, managed metadata, and guest access; management of SharePoint Online together with search; maintenance and monitoring of the SharePoint Online service. It includes your understanding of the following areas:

  • Identification of procedures for restoring, deleting, and creating site collections;
  • Planning and configuration of navigation, App Catalog, site access and guest access, and term store security;
  • Planning and deployment of apps with proper licenses and proper permissions;
  • Configuration of user profile properties;
  • Monitoring of SharePoint Online Events and Messages;
  • Deletion or archiving of unused artifacts;
  • Usage of Content Search Web Part.

And this is not even the end of the list. There are a lot of skills to get and knowledge to gain in this domain.

Managing and Configuring OneDrive for Business – 25-30%

This topic includes the followingareas: configuration and management of OneDrive or Business, maintenance and monitoring of the OneDrive service, as well as management of groups & users, sharing & security, and syncing security. Be prepared to know how to do the following tasks:

  • Research, resolve and troubleshoot reported issues;
  • Configuring settings in OneDrive for the Business admin center;
  • Configure device access, compliance, and notification settings;
  • Audit sharing activities and view the files that are shared with people, not within an organization;
  • Configure external sharing, storage, and sync settings;
  • Limit syncing to devices that are joined to specific domains as well as compliant devices and domain-joined;
  • Recommend group policy settings to regulator OneDrive sync client settings;
  • Block syncing of specific file types.

Configuring and Managing Teams – 20-25%

Configure and plan Team settings, plan authentication and identity, manage the Teams environment, as well as maintain and monitor the Teams service – these are the main areas of the domain. You will have to be able to configure Teams meeting policies, organization-wide settings in the admin center of the Teams, Teams messaging policies, Content Search, and user policies for the Teams users. Moreover, you need to know about the assignment of phone numbers to the Skype users, deployment of a Teams client app, monitoring of Teams usage, usage patterns, and service health issues. And there are even more tasks to complete.

Managing and Configuring Workload Integrations – 15-20%

As you can see, this topic covers the less content of the whole exam and will include the integration ofM365 workloads with external systems and data as well as management of Yammer and Steam capabilities.You will encounter the management of environment and data policies for M365 workloads, user licenses for PowerApps and Flow, Office 365 connectors for SharePoint, Yammer, and Teams, and so on and so forth.

What source to use for Microsoft MS-300?

Exam-Labs, of course. The platform has all you need (exam dumps, video courses, study guides, practice tests) with the opportunity to buy individually or in one bundle at a good price. This site even has some free resources. It is definitely a favourite prep source of many students.


In this post, we tried to answer as many popular questions as possible, providing you only with the most vital details and information that you truly need. We hope it will help you in your preparation. Good luck!

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