WHO Officially Launches App with COVID-19 Informations & Self Diagnose Option

who covid 19 app

WHO has been working on developing a new app for Android, IOS, and Web to provide users with accurate information about the virus and other information. Now the app for Android is officially live on the Play Store and users can install on their device from Google Play Store.

The app also includes an option in which it shows information and warnings according to the user’s region or location. Initially, it was named as ‘WHO MyHealth’. Now with the official launch, the name is ‘WHO COVID-19. One among the most highlighted feature of the app is ‘self-triage’ tool that will let us diagnose ourself to see if we have any Coronavirus symptoms.

The app will also include recommendations from experts at the World Health Organization and partners. It uses user’s location data to tailor content related to the user’s current region. From the privacy policy of the app, it mentions it won’t store any data like Email, Phone number, location, etc

who covid app logo

From the initial phase itself, the codes of the app were shared on Github. It was built on Ionic React and later moved to Flutter SDK for Android, iOS and Web versions of the same app. The app is being developed by volunteers of WHO, and former Google and Microsoft employees as well.

Circulation of fake news and false information about Coronavirus is on the high and apps and services from official sources like the World Health Organization, National Health Department website, etc will help to eliminate them by a good margin.

As of now, the app is only available on the Google Play Store for Android smartphones and tablets. It will be soon made available to iOS users and the web. You can get it for your Android device from the Google Play Store.

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