Why Blogger Blog Stats Is Wrong and How To Correct It ?

You may have fed up with the wrong and incorrect stats given by blogger. Always the stats reports given by blogger are not true.

You know that, Search engine bots will collect new information from your blog for indexing it on their search results, At the same time blogger will also count pageviews for when search engine bots visits your website for crawling information.

Another problem is that, Blogger will count page views that are visited by us.When we visit our website for one time then blogger counts one page view, And when we again refresh the page again blogger counts one page views too.

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How To Solve It  ?

Below i’m listing 2 methods that almost will help you to solve this problems.

On Blogger :

Go to Blogger Dashboard > Stats 
Now from the page tick on the option Don’t track mt one page views
From the popup select okay
By using this method it can solve the problems a little bit.Next onwards blogger won’t track page views visited by you
Through Google Analytics 
Create an account on Google Analytics  and link it with your blogger blog then regularly check pageview reports on Google Analytics, Doing this it can solve the problem 100 percent
That’s it next onwards you can get exact reports as you want

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