Why is Alexa Ranking Important For A Blog

If you are a blogger, You might heard of a web program called Alexa site Ranking. Alexa is powered by famous online shopping site Amazon.com.

If you have a blog and you’re thinking to make it as a serious business it is very important to certify your site with alexa in a Premium Package

What Is Alexa Program ?

Alexa is a website powered by Amazon for scaling how popular your Website is and to certify a certificate powered by Alexa on your blog.
Alexa is also a factor that determines your sites traffic and popularity.if your site is having  googd standing over the internet it is essential to certify your site with Alexa .

If you want to join on some kind of advertisement network such as Buy sell ads, They are scaling your website popularity using Alexa ranking

How Does Alexa Work ?

This is one of the most asked question about Alexa.Basically Alexa is not scaling your website ranking using all the page views you receive.There is a Add on called Alexa toolbar for all major Web Browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari.,It is this tool bar scalesyour Site popularity

Let me explain, If one user who visits your site has not installed Alexa toolbar on his browser then you won’t get any change in current alexa ranking
But one visits your site who has already installed Alexa ToolBar, Then you will get scored

But Alexa is not always true, There is one reason for saying this 

There are 2 websites A and B, A has 1000 page views per day and B has 500. But winner in case of Alexa ranking is B.You might wonder how is that possible
If we’re getting more closer we can see that out of 1000 visits of A only 50 of them installed Alexa Toolbar But in case of  B  100 of them used Alexa Toolbar 
Now do you get why B has more popularity than A

Improve Your Site’s Alexa Rank  In A Week

Why To Add Alexa Site Metrics Certificate ?

If you don’t know were the exact use of Alexa rank comes I will show you
Suppose you are going to create an account in a Advertising Platfrom for Direct Banner Ads, The company before contacting you checks your site;s traffic and they will find is this site worth.If they had get bad response about your site they will ignore you But if they see that your site is worth then they will contact you for showing their ads on your website.
One of the visitors who visited a site found there is a option for writing guest post, Then before going the visitor will check weather it is a good site to show my post and will check your Site popularity

Preview Of Alexa Certificate

Currently alexa gives us two kinds of Certificate one with Status and Links in and another with only Status

Only Status

With Status and Links In

How To Add Alexa Site Metrics Certificate ?

After reading above content if you are interested in showing Alexa Site Metrics certificate on your blog then it will be the good and wise choice
To add Alexa certificate to your blog Check My Article : How to Add Alexa Site Metrics Certificate To Your Blog For Free
Now you will be having the exact idea of  Why to have a  Alexa ranking Certificate On Your Blog

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