Download Windows 10 ISO Official & Legal – 2020 Latest Update

Undoubtedly, Windows 10 is the always best OS from the Microsoft Family. Windows is really cool and a lot of existing Windows users have moved to the whole new Windows 10. Windows 10 comes with much pre-loaded features that make it unique from any other Operating System. This Windows 10 Download article will help you to download the Latest Version of Windows 10 officially and Legally from the Microsoft website. It has both 32 Bit and 64 Bit Windows 10, And you can even select the version you want like Pro, Home, etc.

Officially, Windows 10 is the last Operating System that Microsoft has developed. No later version of Windows will be developed. I mean, No Windows 11 or 12. Microsoft has stopped it with the whole new Windows 10, which is a prime OS with something like Windows 7 and Windows 8 altogether combined to form Windows 10. The Start menu itself is a great example of this. The Start menu of Windows is kinda like Windows 7 and also Windows 8. If you are the one who searches a lot for Windows 10 Download, then this article is just for you.

Windows 10 Download

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Download Windows 10 Latest Version ISO

Interested in Downloading the Latest Version of Windows 10? Then, this article will really help you to download the latest update of Windows 10 from the Microsoft official website. I will share a method to download Windows 10 directly from the Microsoft Website. You can get all later Updates of Windows 10 online after installing it.

Minimum Requirements for Windows 10

Here are some minimum requirements to install Windows 0 on your PC or Laptop. To run Windows 10 smoothly on your PC/Laptop, you should ensure that your computer system meets the minimum requirements listed below. So, now go through the minimum requirements mentioned below and make sure that your system meets the minimum requirements or above.

20 GB free Hard Disk Space

At least 1 GB Ram (2GB- 4GB Recommended)

That’s it!

How To Download Windows 10 Officially From Microsoft Website

Step 1. Head over to the link given below (Official Microsoft Website link)

  Windows 10 ISO

Step 2. Hit the Download Tool now button to download the Windows Media Creation Tool

It’s a simple 17.5MB  Media Creation tool which we will use to download Windows 10 and Write it to a USB Drive or DVD.

Step 3. Wait for the download to be complete.

Step 4. Now, Open the Media Creation Tool

Step 5. Now, a security popup will appear, Just hit Yes.

Step 6. Accept the Agreement

Step 7. Check ” Create Installation Media (USB flash drive, DVD or ISO file) for another PC”, Hit Next

Step 8. Now, select the Language, Windows Edition, and Architecture (X64 or X32), Click Next.

Step 9. Select, ISO File to save the Installation file as an ISO Image, Again, Hit Enter.

Step 10. Now, specify a Download location where you wanted to save the Windows 10 ISO File.

Step 11. Now the Downloading process will get started. Wait until the Downloading is done.

Once the download is completed, you can burn either Burn it to a DVD or even create a custom Installation USB Drive of your choice, After that Install the OS, and you are all good to go.

Download Windows 10 Without Media Creation Tool

In case for any reason, if you are not able to download Windows 10 ISO through the Media Creation tool or if you don’t want to use the Media Creation Tool, then you can always try the second method without using any Media Creation Tool.

Normally, Microsoft won’t allow Windows Users to download the ISO File without the Media Creation Tool, Today, let’s check how to download Windows 10 Without Media Creation Tool right from your Windows OS. Follow the step by step instructions to Download Windows 10 ISO without the Media Creation Tool.

Be sure to use the Google Chrome Web Browser for this trick to work.

Step 1: Visit the Windows 10 Download page of (Official)

  Windows 10

Step 2: Once, you are on the Page, Press F12 key to Open Developer Tab.

Step 3: Now switch to the Devices Tab.

Step 4: Once, you did that, Simply refresh the Page.

Step 5: And, Now you can download the ISO File without the Media Creation Tool.

Step 6:  Select the Version, Edition, Update, Language and Architecture to download the latest version of Windows 10 ISO.

Windows 10 ISO Without Media Creation Tool

Windows 10 Updates

Microsoft constantly keeps rolling out new Latest Updates for the Windows 10. You may have already heard about the Creator Updates and Anniversary Updates. All these are Windows 10 Updates. As mentioned earlier, Microsoft only releases the Updates online, so, if you wanted to update your Windows 10 device, then You need to download it online. Below, I am sharing how you can update your Windows 10 OS.

How to Update Windows 10?

As said earlier, Windows 0 is the last OS from Microsoft. Later versions of Windows will be released and can be downloaded Online. So, How will you download and update your Windows 10 to the latest version? Here goes, How?

You can either Update your Windows 10 OS online through the Windows Update section of Windows 10 or even you can directly download the updated ISO file of Windows 10 and then later install it on your computer.

To download the latest Windows 10 ISO File (Updates) follow the same steps above and just choose the most recent update from the Download type option. Once, you have downloaded the ISO File, you can either Upgrade your Computer to the latest version, do a clean installation or install Windows 10 New Update alongside the existing one.

If you are interested, you can also have a look at some Best Linux Distros. All of these are handpicked Linux Distros targeting users at all levels. Check it out if you are interested.

Final Words

This is how you Download the latest version of Windows 10 from the Official Microsoft website. It’s so simple to download the ISO File. In case if you are using Windows OS and don’t want to download Windows 10 through the Media Creation Tool, then you can always use the second method to download the Official Latest Version of Windows 10 without Media Creation Tool.

I hope you guys enjoyed and found useful this Windows 10 Download article, Be sure to share this Windows 10 page with others and let others download the latest version of Windows 10, too. You can try the method 1 or 2 to download Windows 10 ISO. And I personally recommend you guys to use the second method, as you can keep the ISO Version of the OS as a backup.

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