Windows Core OS Spotted on Geekbench Benchmark Website

windows core os spotted

A Windows modular OS, Windows Core OS has been spotted on a benchmark website.  Windows Core OS Virtual Machine was first found on the benchmark website, Geekbench.

Microsoft has not officially announced the existence of Windows Core OS. But we have seen the existence of the same modular Windows OS through different documents and now the Geekbench 5 benchmark results are out. Microsoft is about to announce the same officially in Build 2020 conference event. Following the pandemic incident, the event will be hosted online-only meaning there won’t be any physical event.

Here are the Geekbench Benchmarks details of the Windows 10 Core OS.

windows core os benchmark leaked

You can see that the benchmark result is dated as 17th  March of 2020. It scored 725 in Single-Core Benchmark and 1566 in Multi-Core Benchmark. From the results page, we can clearly see the Operating System name as “Windows Core System (64-bit). Surprisingly it uses the Intel Core i5-L15G7 processor with 5 cores and a base clock frequency of 1.38GHz. The size of the RAM used for the test is around 6280MB. This also shows that Microsoft has started testing it’s OS on Intel’s upcoming Lakefield processors.

You can find more detailed info about the Benchmark tests and about the modular OS at Geekbench Results Page.

The Windows 10 Modular version “WCOS” runs in different form factors including PC, Laptops, Ultrabooks, and other innovative devices with little or no alterations at all.

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