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How to Install Windows on Android Phone & Tablet – Windows 10

Hi guys, Do you guys know that now you can install any version of Windows On Android like 10/8.1/8/7/XP using a simple windows software called Change My Software. Yes, guys, it’s a true and completely free process, In this article, I will explain all the steps for installing Windows on your Android device with high-quality pictures and better illustrations.

Usually, Android devices run the Android operating system which is developed by Google and in this article, you will find how to use Windows instead of Android on your Android smartphone or tablet devices. Installing Windows on Android device will not destroy Android OS in it. You can any time come back to Android Operating System when you like. There are no special Windows for Android, we are going to use the default version of Windows for Android.

Install Windows On Android

This is something like Dual Boot where we will be having Two different Operating System installed on a single Machine or Phone. That’s exactly what is happening here. With the help of a simple software called Change My Software Anyone can do it on their Android Smartphone, Now let’s check how to do it.

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Think how cool it will be to use Windows on your Android Device and surprise your friends.

Windows For Android

All the process mentioned in this tutorial is simple and handy and of course, you need a PC or a Laptop for this tutorial.

Let’s Start,


Below given are the basic things you need for the windows installation.

  • A Windows PC or Laptop
  • An Android Device like Smartphone or Tablet
  • USB Cable
  • ‘Change My Software’ windows program
  • A working Internet Connection.

Once you have all the things mentioned above let’s proceed and see further.

Change My Software

Change My Software is the software that we will be using to install Windows on Android. The website of the developers is not working now for some reasons. But thankfully, we have a download page from which we can download the zip file with various versions of the software. Upon extracting the zip file, you will get a different edition of Change My Software including one for Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, and even Windows 7 and XP, too. You can use the respective version to get all the features and the installation procedure is pretty simple and straight forward. You are not required to complete any survey to download the file, Many people used to host the software on some other websites with survey to download it.

Change My Software Latest Version

The User Interface of the latest update of Change My Software is entirely different from the one that is mentioned below, but the optioned seems to be the same. Download links are updated with the newest package and you can download it from the button given below.

change my software

In the newer version of the software, at first, you will be presented with a splash screen with four tiles. Install Windows 8.1, Create Backup, System Restore, Other Applications, are the four option that you will find at the main screen of the application. Apart from that, you can find the installation progress and other settings from the left sidebar.

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Install Windows on Android

The installation is really simple and straight forward. All you have to do is first download the respective version of Change My Software for your device. Let’s say that you are about to install Windows 10 on your device then be sure to use Change My Software Windows 10 edition to get the job done. If you downloaded the wrong version then you will be stuck with boot loop issue and installation errors.

Step 1: For doing this installation you need a software called Change My Software, You can download it from the link given just below. I have hosted the file at MediaFire and you can easily download it from there. No survey or payment required.

   Download Change My Software

Download Change My Software

Step 2: Now connect your Android Device to your PC or Laptop using a USB Cable.

Connect Phone To PC for installing Windows on Android

Step 3: Once you have downloaded the software, Install and Open it

Step 4: Now click on Android > Windows 10 option to install Windows on your Android device.

Step 5: Now checks whether your device is perfect and click on Continue.

Verify OS Details

Step 6: Now select your Language(This will be your OS and installation language).


Choose Language To Install Windows on Android

Step 7: Now the process of downloading Drivers and Windows OS will start.Wait a while to complete the download.Download process will be too long if you have a slower internet connection.

Step 8: After completion of the downloading process, click on the Install button. Never click on Remove Android optional as it will remove Android from your device and you will only get Windows.

Download Windows for Installing it on Android

Step 9: Now the process of installing Windows will start, wait until it is complete. Never remove your device while installing Windows.

Installing Windows on Android

Step 10: After you have completed the installation process, it will ask you to Reboot your device by clicking on the Reboot button.

Reboot to Complete Installation of Windows on Android

Now we have successfully Installed Windows operating system on our Android Device

Step 11: When your android device is rebooting click on the Windows option.

Choose OS - Android or Windows

Step 12: the First-time login usually takes time. Once loaded you will be presented by the brand new Windows operating system.

Windows Installed on Android

That’s it guys we have installed Windows on our Android device. Now you can use Windows as usual on your Android device with all features that windows have.

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To Install Other Versions Of Windows:

If you want to install another version of Windows installed of 10/8 then go to and download your preferred version.

   Download Other Editions of Change My Software

Download Other Versions Change My Software

Rest of the installation process is the same as mentioned above. ChangeMySoftware has different versions of Windows for Android.

Final Words

That’s it, guys, See how simple it was to Install Windows on your Android Device. By using this software: Change My Software, you can install any recent version of Windows on your Android Device. This software is completely free and you are not required to pay anything in order to use it. Now try it yourself and explore what more this software can do for you. Comment below if you face any Problem/Doubt.

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