Windows Might Get a Launcher Similar to Spotlight in macOS

windows spotlight like search bar update

If you have ever used macOS then you might understand how easy is it to search for apps, files or pretty much anything using the ‘Spotlight’. Recent reports suggest Windows might also get a search bar similar to the spotlight where users could type for any files, folders, apps, settings, etc.

According to The Verge, Microsoft is working hard to implement a Spotlight-similar search for Windows 10 which will make things easy for users to quickly access the content or settings they need. If this comes into action, it might completely replace the current Windows Run box which is available by holding ‘Windows Key + R’. Windows Run is kind of a Spotlight-like thing but it is not that user-friendly. For some programs and settings, you could type the exact name and find it, you may be required to use some sort of commands for this purpose.

As of now, I am a Windows 10 user and I know how laggy is the Windows Search Bar. I don’t prefer using the Windows Search Bar since it is very slow. If I am about to open ‘Notepad’ I can get the job done by holding Win Key + R and then type notepad. But there is no suggestion and you are required to write the full name to access the program which is not the case with Spotlight in macOS.

The image shown above is not the actual thing in action. It is a concept designed by Niels Laute. As Microsoft is about to use the Fluent Design UI, the search bar will be more or less similar to the design concept shown above.

The new instant search bar will feature the modern Fluent Design UI which is the current Windows standard. Microsoft might also add support for external plugins to make it customizable according to the user’s preference.

If these reports are true we might get the feature on May 2020 via the Public Beta for Powerlauncher to Windows 10 Testers.

Source: The Verge // Image credits: Niels Laute

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