“Windows Notepad” Arrives on Microsoft Store With a Bunch of New Features

microsoft notepad released for beta build

In addition to the existing Notepad software on Windows 10, now a new app called ‘Windows Notepad’ arrives on Microsoft Store. The new Windows Notepad can be downloaded on any Windows 10 machine with version 19541.0 or above. The new app comes with some significant changes and is entirely different from the default Notepad in Windows that has been a part of the Windows platform ever since 1985.

At first, the logo itself is different from the usual one. It is a little bit modern with a flat design. The main highlighted feature of the new Windows Notepad it that the fact that it can freely edit not just plain text documents, but also Source codes. It also supports multiple encodings like UTF-8.UTF-16 and ANSI. Documents in these encoding can be directly saved via Windows Notepad.

This was initially made available in the Microsoft Store in August last year, but it was later removed by December 2019. Now the app is again back but only for supported versions of Windows 10.

Apart from the multiple encoding support, the new notepad also gets improved ‘Find and replace’ option along with the new ‘Text Zoom’ feature.  The Text Zoom feature allows users to increase or decrease the size of the text in the document by holding Control + Plus or Control + Minus. Control + 0 could be used to restore to normal size.  The new app also gets line colorings and column numbers in the status bar. Colors and Column numberings will be only visible while the Text wrap option is enabled in the Notepad app. Furthermore, the Notepad app now supports Ctrl + Backspace to delete the previous word as well.

The Windows Notepad app is only available for Windows 10 version 19541.0 or above. If your machine is running on a supported version of Windows 10 then click here to download the Microsoft Notepad app from the Microsoft Store. You could simply search for Microsoft Notepad in the search bar and easily find it.

Source: BetaNews

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