WordPress vs. Blogger Which Should You Go With (Pros and Cons)

One of the main challenge when starting a new blog is to find the better Blogging platform.There are many Blogging platform or Content Manage System(CMS) like Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, Joomla, Drupal etc.,

Among these Content Manage systems(CMS) Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr are very famous among users.But Today in our article we are going to check which will be be good blogging platform Self Hosted WordPress or Blogger/Blogspot platform
Let’s we check detailed information about WordPress and Blogger then make a comparisson and make your choice.
You know that Unlike other Blogging platforms wordpress is the most used one.But if you want to use wordpress you should have a Hosting service and Domain name. After all WordPress is a Free Blogging Platform but in order yo use this free blogging platform you should pay some for Hosting and Domain name.
If you don’t have any money for buying Hosting and Domain name check this article :How to Create A Free Self Hosted WordPress Blog


Blogger is a Absolutely Free blogging platform.Because you are not required to pay anything for Hosting or Damian name.The files of your Blogger blog are hosted at Google Servers and Domain names are Sub domain like Yourname.blogspot.com.Later if you want you can also change it to  a Custom Domain like yourname.com or something.If speaking about security you should not worry in any way as files are hosted at Google Servers.
Now we have seen some basic details about WordPress as well as Blogger.Not complete there are more to know about them let’s check them in Detail 


Blogger is a blogging platform owned by Google.It’s free and quite enough to Publish basic and complex content on our blog.However you don’t own your blogger blog it is owned by Google and Google decides when to shut and open your blog.Even they delete your blog without any Warning
About WordPress, we have installed it on our Hosting service.You are free to run and close it as you wish no one can control unless you gave prior permission


In Blogger by default only has few templates.It has a fixed layout which cannot be edited as Blogger gives you some basic option for adjusting Widths and for fonts ,Colors etc.You can also use manyy Non official Blogger templates created by third part teams.

WordPress have thousand of Free and Premium Themes that anyone can use , By default there are more than 1000+ Templates that you can search, find, and install it from your WordPress dashboard.
You can do edit layout and other sidebar features.Can add any feature to the theme by adding  or editing file in the  root directory of your WordPress theme


If you are using Blogger all files are hosted at Google Servers which is ultimately secure and no one can steel data of your website.After all you don’t want get scared about Security

WordPress is quite safe but we should take Back up of our Files as it is a self hosted one.You can use help of any Plug Ins that provide free WordPress Backup


Blogger is a fine Blogging Platform providing basic tools for Posting and editing Blogger Template.There are no means that you can extend this limitation like Worpdress.com by giving them Money

If you are using WordPress, You have plenty of Plug ins that can fulfill you needs or even you create new one to use it for your need.As default WordPress is providing us many options.

If you are about to create a business Blog then WordPress will be ideal for your silent works on your Business blog.


Moving Blogger to other content manage systems are a difficult task as it will loose your SEO, Search Engine Ranking and other ranking factors.

From wordpress you can move to other host very simply.Or even you can change the current domain name into a new one

If SEO matters then WordPress will be Ideal


Blogger provides only very few support options as compared to WordPress.In terms the support feature may lag us

WordPress is packed up with fully support.You can get support from Community, Forums who are very special trained wordpress Experts


Future of Blogger completely depend upon Google they can close down their service when they want and then you will loose all you status blog files etc even without warning

WordPress is a open source web based software which means that  future did not depend on any individuals or any companies.Future blogging business depends on WordPress

We think that this comparison helped you a lot to discover which platform should you go with

So guys, Final thought  is yours 🙂

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