WordPress.com Vs Blogger.com Detailed Check Up with Pros and Cons

Every newbies who come to the world of Blogging “The Blogoshpere”.Will have doubt regarding which platform do i want to choose from ?.Basically we can divide Blogging platforms into two Premium and the Free one.If you go with Premium you should pay for Hosting and Domain and for Free it’s completely Free!

From the free blogging platforms, The major two are Blogger/Blogspot and WordPress.com if you have doubt about Which to choose from then this article will help you great
Let we check basic details of both the blogging platforms.



Platform :
WordPress.com is free Blogging platform that anyone can make use of. You are not required to pay a single penny for creating a Blog on it.
Dashboard :
WordPress.com comes with a dashboard like self hosted wordpress, There are only some slight difference between both dashboards. Through my observation i have found a serious issue for newbie bloggers who has very slo internet connection, The site loads much slower.
Appearence : 
Customizing Themes and other factors on WordPress.com blogs are really really tough and also costly.You might wonder as Wordress.com provides Free blogs then why do we need to pay
For each and every customization you make on WordPress.com you should pay them.There are plenty of Free as well as premium themes available for WordPress.com
Access From Mobile :
WordPress.com has a really good  condition for publishing and updating post from your mobile
You can access Mobile version here : m.wordprss.com
Plug Ins :
Can be used if you pay them
Themes :
Only very limited themes can be used in WordPress.com blog if you want to install other ones you should again pay them. But there are wide variety of quality both Paid and Free themes available to Install

Ownership :
Ownership is one of the main and terrible factor that is bad for every Bloggers who work with WordPress.com, You don’t own your blog they can delete or modify your blog anytime
Languages :
WordPress.com has a lot of languages pre installed about 120+

Domain Name :
You should pay them to map your existing  domain to your wordpress.com blog. Or you can buy one from them.
Group Blogging :
Various accounts for Administrators, Authors, Contributors can be created.
Static Pages :
You can create as much as Static  pages on your WordPress blog
Storage :
WordPress.com for free provides us 3 Gigabytes of storage which can be used for storing Images like files of your blog,If your free space exceeds you can upgrade to another plan by giving them some money



Platform :

WordPress.com is free Blogging platform that anyone can make use of. You are not required to pay a single penny for creating a Blog on it.All you want to start a Free blog on Blogger is a Gmail ID
Dashboard :
Bloggers dashboard comes with many attractive features and handy tools(not complex)
All they comes under Javascript based programs
Appearence ;
You can Customize your Blogger blog by editing your Blogger Template XML fileor using the default HTML editor powered by Blogger itself.You can arrange/Add/Delete widgets/gadgets by sliding one over another

Access From Mobile ;
You can publish/Update Post on your Blogger blog by sending MMS
For more details visit Blogger page here : http://www.blogger.com/mobile-start.g.
Blogger also provides you a Android mobile App
Plug Ins :
Plug Ins cannot be used in Blogger CMS platform, Instead if you want  to add third party service on your blog you can use HTML/Javascript option on layout tab under Add Gadgets
Themes  ;
You can use as many as templates on your Blogger platform.By default Blogger provides us 20+ free basic templates. You can also  browse,Download and install premium and free templates from any source on Blogger blog
Ownership :
Ownership is one problem here like Worpress.com in blogger too.Google owns your blog and they can delete your blog without any Warnings
Languages :
Blogger has more than 50+ Languages, For indains Hindi is one of the popular language bloggers can use as this language supports Adsense
Domain Name :
By default Blogger provides us a sub domain like example.blogspot.com this sub domain later can be converted to a Custom Domain for free without paying anything.You can buy one from blogger interface or one from others and route it to blogger blog
Group Blogging ;
Only two forms of persons are allowed on Blogger the author and Admin
Static pages ;
By default Blogger don’t provide us any static page option
But you can add one by editing your Template HTML file.

Storage :
Images are stored in Google’ own Picasa .But in Blogger they provides  1 Gigabytes of free storage, You can increase it by paying them 
You can’t upload images that are above 2048×2048 Pixels
In wordpress.com they provides us a option maned WordPress VIP for unlimited controls  for your Blog but it cost thousands of dollars every month it’s the truth
After the detailed check up i prefer you go with Blogger.com as they provides you best in class free Blogging experience.

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