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Wunderlist Founder to Introduce a New Productivity App Called Superlist

superlist announcement

Wunderlist is a popular productivity and to-do app that was acquired by Microsoft back in 2015. Interestingly last year the company announced they shutting down Wunderlist on May 6, 2020. What’s even more interesting is that the founder of Wunderlist has announced that he is working on a productivity app called Superlist.

Reber on Twitter posted, “Superlist will be more than just a todo app, but never as bloated as the project management software you loathe to use. Slick, fast, and hyper-collaborative. Helping individuals or teams of any size get things done in record time.”

As of now, the availability of the app is not yet confirmed. But we can expect the app to go live somewhere near in the future.

A website for the Superlist is also live. The website has a landing page for the app and says “Supercharged productivity
for teams of the future.” If you are interested to try the new Superlist app from the maker of Wunderlist then you can drop your email on the website to get notified once it goes live.

Microsoft planned to acquire Wunderlist and incorporate all its features to its own Microsoft To-Do app.  It is believed that Microsoft purchased Wunderlist for about $100 million to $200 million.

Following the announcement, he further tweeted, “I want to thank all users of Wunderlist, and everyone who worked on it. We put our heart and soul into building a product that people loved and that we could be proud of. Now it’s time to do that again! The saga continues…”

A couple of months back when Microsoft planned to shut down Wunderlist, the original maker of the app, Reber even tried to buy the app back from Microsoft, but it didn’t happen.

If you are someone who is very much concerned about time management or looking for a good To-Do app then Superlist might an option for you to give a shot.

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