What is XAPK & How to with XAPK Installer on Android

XAPK is a combination of APK, OBB Data and other necessary files required for the installation of a particular App or Game. You can use XAPK Installer App to easily install XAPK Apps or Games in your Android device.

You might already know about APK File and How to sideload them to your Android device. It’s fairly simple and easy to install an APK file from other third party sources. Especially, if you want to install some sort of apps that are not available in your country then sideloading the APK file is the best option that is available for you. APK Files are official and anyone can directly install APK files to their device by enabling unknown sources from the security settings. But that’s not the case with XAPK files.

XAPK file formats are unofficial extensions used in third-party app stores and for the easiness of sharing large and heavy Apps or Games as a single package. You can install XAPK files with the help of XAPK Installer app or manually install it easily. Let’s say that you are about to download a heavy game from a website for your Android device. In this context, at first, you need to download the APK file from one place then you have to download the OBB data file from some other sources and later on you might also want to download any other additional supporting files (if any). All this problem is now solved with XAPK File format.

XAPK Installer APK

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Download XAPK Installer to Install XAPK Files on Android

You can read this article and know What is XAPK File and How you can install XAPK files in your Android device. If you are about to use an XAPK File then you have two options to go with. The first one is to use any XAPK File Installer and the second one is to manually extract and copy-paste the contents into their respective locations.

What XAPK Files?

In simple terms, XAPK files can be called the collection of all files required for the installation of an app or game. It will include the APK Installer, OBB Data file, Android data file and some other important resources for the installation and smooth working of the application. There are high chances the data might get corrupted if you use other methods to download and install the game. Downloading APK file from one website then downloading OBB file from some other website and supporting files from other sources makes the job really tough and if you really do not want to waste any more time then download all in one XAPK file and get the app or game installed easily.

What is XAPK Installer?

Now that you got some idea about XAPK Files now let’s understand what is XAPK Installer. XAPK Installers are simple Android App that will let you easily install the downloaded APK file. There are two methods to install an XAPK File and the first one is to use XAPK Installer and the other one is to do it manually if you do not want to install any app. XAPK Installer will help you install XAPK file without having the need to manually extract and install it.

Advantages of XAPK Files?

  • APK + OBB + Other Data packed into a single file for easiness
  • No need to download APK from one website, OBB from others, etc
  • Less chance for data corruption
  • Easy to share and download
  • Quick installation for larger games
  • Compressed for space-saving
  • XAPK Installers to install it to your Android device

One of the biggest libraries of XAPK File is APKPure website. You can browse the website and find the app that you are looking for, and download the XAPK file.

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How to install XAPK Files with XAPK Installer

In this method, we will see how we can download xapk installer and install XAPK files in our device.

Step 1: Download the APKPure app from their website

APKPure APK Installer

Step 2: Once downloaded, just install the APKPure app.

Step 3: After the installation of APKPure app, it will automatically link with all XAPK Files in your device.

Step 4: Just tap on any XAPK File and open it via APKPure app

xapk installer apk android

Step 5: Hit the install button and it will automatically extract the OBB file and install the APK fle, too.

install xapk files

This is the easiest method to install XAPK file on your Android smartphone or Tablet.

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Manually Install XAPK File on Android

In this method, we will be manually installing the XAPK File by extracting it and copying it to their respective locations.

Step 1: Locate the .XAPK File in your File Manager

Step 2: Long tap on the file and select rename option

Step 3: Change the extension of the file .XAPK to .ZIP

Gamename.xapk > Gamename.zip

manually extract xapk file

Step 4: You might get a warning, just press on OK.

Step 5: Tap on the ZIP file and extract the contents (Most of the file managers these days come with built-in Zip extractors, if you do not have this feature in your phone then download any Zip extracting app or Mi File Manager or ES File Explorer)

extract xapk file

Step 6: After extracting, you will get multiple files and folders there. Just tap on the APK File and install it.

Step 7: After the installation of the APK file, copy the game data, ie the OBB file to the Game folder in the OBB folder that is available in the Android folder.


Step 8: Now launch the App/Game from the App drawer and it will work just fine as it should. Easy, right?

This is how we manually install XAPK files to our device easily. If you don’t want to use XAPK File Installer then this is what you need to follow to get it done.

Final Words

XAPK Installers are the best option when it comes to the installation of XAPK Files on Android. Anyways, you have multiple methods to install it, like using XAPK Installers, Manually extracting the files and using Computers to install XAPK file. You can follow any method of your choice. If you do not want to download any app then you ca follow the second method and do it manually or if you do not want to do it manually then you can use XAPK App Installers to install Games. After the installation is done you can uninstall the XAPK File Installer and it is completely okay.

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