Xbox Game Bar Gets Widget Store on Windows 10

microsoft xbox game bar widgets update

You might be aware of the Game Bar feature in Windows 10 which can be accessed by holding Windows Key + G. The same game bar is getting a new update where it gets support for widgets from a widget store specifically for Xbox Game Bar. You will be able to install widgets by third-party developers and the SDK is also made available by Microsoft.

As of now, the new updated Xbox Game Bar is only available to Windows Insiders. If you are a Windows Insider then you will be able to access the new widgets section by opening Game Bar by holding Windows Key + G. As of now, there are only two widgets available to download. More widgets support will be added soon. To make things easier, Microsoft has released an SDK which can be used to create widgets for Xbox Game Bar

XSplit’s Gamecaster and Razer’s Cortex are the two widgets available as of now. An exclusive Intel Graphics widget will also be made available later this month. This Intel widgets for Game Bar will bring some key features available in the IGCC (Intel Graphics Command Center).

XSplit’s Gamecaster will help you to manage your live stream, manage chats, etc while the Razer’s Cortex brings performance improvements.

In an official blog post, the company said, “We heard your feedback loud and clear: you don’t always want to Alt+Tab to separate apps when gaming on your PC. We thought we’d bring your favorite apps to you right within the Xbox Game Bar where you can access them without ever leaving your game.”

From the new widget store, you will be able to get all new widgets that are released for Game Bar. It will be a standalone store and you can expect more widgets to be made available in the near future. This way you won’t be required to minimize the game while streaming for accessing essentials features and options.

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