Xiaomi Confirms Poco F2 Won’t be Rebranded Redmi K30 Pro

poco f2 is not redmi k30 pro

The second phone in the Poco smartphone lineup, Poco X2 was actually the rebranded version of Redmi K30 4G. Following the launch of Poco X2 as the rebranded K30 everyone thought Poco F2 is going to be the rebranded version of Redmi K30 Pro. But now the officials have confirmed Poco F2 is not going to be a rebranded version of Redmi  K30 Pro.

Poco India general manager, Chandolu Manmohan told in a Zoom meeting, Poco F2 won’t be the rebranded version of Remdi K30 Pro.

Earlier, there were some reports suggesting Poco F2 would indeed be a rebranded K30 Pro. Now it’s confirmed both the Redmi K30 Pro and Poco F2 are entirely different smartphones.

In the Zoom meeting, he further added, If everyone is waiting for Poco F2 to be priced under Rs. 20,000 then it is better to with the Poco X2. It clearly shows Poco F2 is definitely going to be priced somewhere more than Rs. 22,000 for sure.

The chip that is to be featured in the Poco F2 is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865. Snapdragon 865 is the most powerful and flagship-level chip from Qualcomm. This particular chip is priced so higher than any other in the market. So, it is obvious why Poco F2 would be priced above Rs. 20,000.

Poco is also about to launch a pair of truly wireless earbuds like Samsung. The launch of the earbud is also expected with the launch of Poco F2

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