Xiaomi’s New Concept Shows off a Phone with No Buttons and Ports, Only Screen

Recently Xiaomi shared a concept phone design on their Twitter handle and a short teaser video. As per the video, the phone comes with no buttons or ports, only a screen. The main specialty here is the fact that it is an 88-degree curved waterfall display. The curve is present on all four sides of the smartphone.

The functions of buttons are mimicked by the screen using various pressure sensors. As there is no charging port available, the phone must be using wireless charging tech to fill up juice for the battery.

“The 88° hyper quad-curved screen design allows visual interfaces to flow over the phone’s surface like water

Take a look at the video published by Xiaomi on their YouTube channel.

In the past, we have seen a lot of smartphones with infinite edge types of screen, but to be honest, this thing kind of looks different and we have not seen something like this yet. The front selfie camera will be accommodated inside the screen and will make use of the in-display camera tech.

No specific details about the device or specifications have been shared by the company. It’s just the design and some prototypes that the company has shared.

Manu Kumar Jain, Global VP of Xiaomi took it to Twitter to share the concept with the globe. More detailed explanation about the tech used in the concept can be found at the Xiaomi Blog.

As per the company, the unibody concept smartphone already has around 46 patents exclusive to itself. Getting the screen bend like this to all four sides is not at all an easy task. Xiaomi has gone through lots of trials and errors to come with tech like this. They are using their own proprietary breakthrough 3D bonding process to make it happen.

How excited are you guys about the new concept phone shared by Xiaomi?

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