YouTube Gets Galaxy Fold’s Flex Mode for Galaxy Z Flip

flex modem for youtube app

In collaboration with Google, engineers of Samsung and Google together created a new optimized YouTube app for Galaxy Z Flip that supports the Fold’s Flex Mode. Plans of launching apps like YouTube, Maps, and Play Store optimized for Galaxy devices was already announced on the Galaxy Unpacked 2020 event earlier. The new Youtube app makes it easy for people with Z Flip to watch videos and scroll through the feed or search for other content simultaneously.

“The Flex mode-optimized YouTube app also ensures that no matter what the aspect ratio of the video you are watching, you can view in comfort by adjusting the way the video fits in the top half of the screen. Square and vertical videos will nearly fill the entire space, while 16:9 videos will adjust to the center.”, said Samsung in an official blog post.

In the new YouTube app for Z Flip, there will be two sections. The screen will be divided into two sections, users could watch the video on the top half while the bottom half of the screen can be used to read description, comments, or even search for other videos.

Both Google’s and Samsung app engineers have put some quality work and redesigned the entire app from the operating level itself. To make it easier to integrate the Flex mode to other apps, the Android Support Library is also included.

The new YouTube app optimized for Flex Mode is available on the Google Play Store and Galaxy Z Flip users could download and install the same right away. This new version of the app better makes use of the available screen space and you could do various other things within the same app. In the future, Flex mode support for other apps like Google Maps and Play Store is also expected.

Source: Samsung

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