YouTube Gets New Redesigned Video Watch Page and YT Music Gets Explore Tab

youtube gets new updated layout

Earlier today, YouTube has rolled out an updated video watch page with some interesting updates. YouTube Music app also gets some updates. The design will be made available on the YouTube app on Android as well as iOS.

The major change in the video watch on the YouTube app in the comment section positioning. Earlier, the comment section was placed below the related videos section. Users were required to scroll down the page to access the comment section, But with the new update, the comment section is now positioned just below the Subscribe button.

By default, the comments won’t be visible as it used to do in the past. Users will have to click on the comment section to reveal comments. It will hide the related videos section and uses that space for comments.

Apart from this, YouTube has made the thumbnail of Next Video a little larger than usual. This will let users see more info about the video. Google is now giving more priority to comments with the new update.

YouTube Music app also gets some layout based updates. In an earlier update, the YouTube app got a new explore page replacing the trending tab and the trending tab was included in the newly added explore tab. The same feature is now added to the YouTube Music app for Android and iOS.

With this update, the Explore tab will show various content like ‘New Releases’, ‘Moods’, ‘Genres’, etc. This feature will roll out to every YouTube Music app users in the coming days.

If you haven’t already received the new updated layout on the YouTube and YouTube Music App then just go Google Play Store on Android and App Store on iOS devices and update the apps.

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