YouTube Music Finally Comes to Android TV

The wait is finally over, and we have YouTube Music for Android TV up and live. Unlike YouTube Music for smartphones, this time, it comes integrated into the official YouTube app. You are not required to download a separate app to access YouTube Music.

YouTube Music is now available on the Android TV version of YouTube. A server-side change brings a new tab called “Music” to the left side where you can easily access YouTube Music.

youtube music app now available on android tv
Source: Android Police

Up until now, Android TV did not have this feature. As soon as you highlight any music on the app, it automatically starts to play. No need to press any sort of play button.

But the real problem here is the fact that as soon as you minimize the app, the music playback will stop. Yes, you heard it right. Background music playback is still not supported. Background playback support is something that every music apps should include. A lot of people would be interested in doing something else while listening to music, and this will be an obstacle to that.

Maybe in future updates, Google will add the Background Music Playback option to YouTube Music. Soon Google plans to completely ditch Play Music and integrate everything with YouTube Music. This might be a part of it.

It was first reported by Android Police and the image given above shows how nicely the Music tab is incorporated on the YouTube app. If you own an Android TV then open the YouTube app to see new changes. If you don’t find the tab yet, then go to Play Store and make sure that you have the latest YouTube app installed on your TV.

One more thing to note here is that the YTM in Android TV lacks a lot of features like no shuffle option, no toggle to switch to audio/video, no access to uploaded music, no library access and lot more. Google might add these features in future updates.

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