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YouTube Restricts Streaming Quality to 480P in India Due to Coronavirus

youtube streaming quality caps at 480p

Due to the Coronavirus lockdown enforcement prevailing in the country, the majority of the people are at homes. Following this, the overall Internet traffic has increased by quite a big margin. Earlier, Microsoft Cloud Services saw a surge of 775 percentage in the total web traffic.

Similarly, to control server bandwidth and balance the higher number of users, YouTube has capped the streaming quality in India at 480p. As of now, this is applicable for mobile devices and we won’t able to manually adjust the quality higher anyway. However, the quality is not capped for the website.

On the YouTube website, videos will load at 480p by default but users can increase the streaming quality to maximum manually. But this is not possible with the YouTube mobile app. The restriction applies to both YouTube Premium and Non-Premium members.

youtube restricts to 480p

480p is the highest quality you can select until things stabilize. Even if the video has a higher version like 1080p, 4K, etc you won’t be able to view them in anything above 480p.

Similarly, much other online content streaming website has capped its streaming quality to SD by default. Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, etc are few companies that limit users from watching content in HD.

Restrictions of this sort will help to balance the overall server load and bandwidth helping to accommodate more users. Due to the lockdown or shelter in place enforcements, the majority of the companies run with a limited number of employees so it is hard for them to maintain the server.

Source: XDADevelopers

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