Download YouTube Vanced APK – BG Playback, Ad Free [No Root]

Here’s how you can Download YouTube Vanced APK and get all the Premium Features from YouTube-like Ad-Free, Background playback, Dark theme, PIP Mode, etc without YouTube Premium Subscription.

YouTube Vanced is a modded version of the original YouTube app that is available in the Google Play Store. The whole idea behind the creation of YouTube Vanced to incorporate all the essential features that are missing from the official YouTube app. You get various features like Background video playback, Ad-free, Dark theme, Download option, Picture in Picture mode, and a lot more.

youtube vanced apk for android

YTVanced is actually developed by a small team called Vance from XDA Developers forum. They add constantly keep on trying to add new features to the app to make it more interesting and feature-rich. For me personally, the background video playback mode is what I like the most. If you not already know then the background video playback feature is only available with YouTube Premium Subscription and if you do not have enough money to pay for that then this is the perfect solution.

Download YouTube Vanced APK for Android

Here, you will find the direct download link to save the APK file of YouTube Vanced without any ads. After you download then you can easily install as you would normally do and everything is going to be perfectly good. For starters, below given are some good information about YouTube Vanced for Android, if you want to know more about it just read it.

What is YouTube Vanced?

YouTube Vanced is a simple but feature-rich YouTube Mod like OGYouTube that comes with a ton of features that you will love for sure. Many premium features are locked for YouTube Premium users only but with the help of YouTube Vanced you can unlock all the locked features and get access to features like Background video playback, PIP Mode, Download option, etc which makes YouTube Vanced your one-stop for all YouTube Premium stuffs.

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Features of YouTube Vanced?

Here are some most important features that YouTube Vanced has in the offer.

Background Playback

I know, a lot of people are actually here for this single feature. In the traditional YouTube app, if you play a video and then minimize it then all the video playback will stop and you won’t be able to play the video from notification bar or anything like that. But with the help of YouTube Vanced, you can start playing any video and minimize the app and the video playback will progress without any issue. You can listen to some music on YouTube Vanced at the same time do some other job using some other apps.

PIP Mode

If you are a little bit into multi-tasking then PIP mode is something that you are definitely going to love. PIP Mode will let you play the YouTube video on top of any other app, making the multi-tasking much more effective and efficient.

Download YouTube Vanced Latest Version

Use the download button below to download the latest apk file of YouTube Vanced. There are multiple versions of YouTube Vanced available, choose anyone from the list and download the file first.

App Name YouTube Vanced
Version 14.21.54
Last Updated 11-11-2019
Modded version of YouTube
Size <80
Downloads 1m+

The latest version of YouTube Vanced is 14.21.54.

Pink YouTube Vanced

Dark YouTube Vanced

Blue YouTube Vanced

Black YouTube Vanced

How to install YouTube Vanced on Android?

Step 1: Download the latest version of YouTube Vanced from the link given above. We have multiple versions of YouTube Vanced with different themes like Pink, Dark, Blue, and Black. You can choose one of our choice from the list above.

Step 2: Once downloaded open the Installer file of YT Vanced and hit the Install button

youtube vanced latest version

Step 3: Wait until it gets installed to your device

install youtube vanced

Note:- If you want to login to your YouTube account then you are required to install MicroG app. By default, you won’t be able to login to your YouTube account with your Gmail ID. To fix this, just Download MicroG and install it.

Step 4: Open YouTube Vanced and you have successfully installed YouTube Vanced in our Android device.

install youtube vanced

It will be pretty similar to the official version of YouTube but with a little bit of twist.

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How to Play Videos in Background?

  • Open YouTube Vanced and search for the video that you want to play in the background
  • Click on the play button and let the video playback start
  • After the video playback is started just minimize the YouTube Vanced app.
  • Now, the playback will stop, just pull down the notification bar and you will find a play/pause control of YouTube Vanced there.

background video playback with youtube vanced

  • Just click on the play button and YouTube Video Background Playback starts immediately.

How to play YouTube Videos in Picture in Picture (PIP) Mode?

If you are someone who is into multi-tasking very much then you are definitely going to love this feature.

  • Open YouTube Vanced App and play a video as you normally do
  • Once the video playback starts just click the Home button and BOOM! PIP mode will be activated instantly
  • You will see a small video player screen that is resizable and you can even move the screen to your desired part of the screen.

youtube vanced pip mode

  • Clicking on it will bring further settings and basic player controls.


YouTube Vanced is a perfect app for those who want to play YouTube Videos in the Background or activate PIP mode so that you can do multi-tasking much more effectively. YouTube video will appear as a small video player on top of the current app that you are using right now and you do both the works without any distractions at all. The video player is completely flexible and you can move it around your screen or place it on your desired location. As an alternative to YouTube Vanced, you can also try OGYouTube, which is yet another interesting YouTube mod with whole lot of features.

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